What are Huawei's options on Android without Google support?

However, Huawei has confirmed that phones already on the market will be able to still access the Google services. As for system updates and possible bug patches, it's still not very clear.

New Huawei phones without Google

Since last September 2019, Huawei has launched its own first two phones without Google support, the Mate 30 and the Mate 30 Pro. They do not have pre-installed applications such as Gmail, Youtube, Chrome, Google Maps or Google Play.

The phones are powered by Android Open Source, which is nothing more than an open source version of Android. Along with Open Source, Emui software, originally developed by Huawei, has been added.

What are Huawei's options on Android without Google support?

Its functions are compatible with Android 10, this means that if a user wants to install an application that is not in his app store, he can download it directly from the official page of the app.

One of the biggest attractions of these devices is band high is that they have Kirin 990 processors with a 5G modem built into the chip, which represents a noticeable increase in performance. They are postulated as great competitors of the Galaxy Note 10 and the iPhone 11.

Huawei options on Android without Google support

What can generate more impact than when we turn on the phone for the first time we do not find the much used Google configuration assistant. Previously, the assistant helped you set up your phone and associate it with a Google account to sync all data.

As the mobile can't sync with the Google account, the password or saved contacts they cannot be recovered automatically. It is not possible to make automatic backups of WhatsApp, as the Google Drive account is not synchronized.

You will need to find an alternative to Google's search engine or maps that work with Google's services. One of the benefits of using Google is the ability to log into several uses through the Google account. Login is now done manually.

Alternatives to Google support

Basic applications like notepad, gallery, calculator, calendar, or contacts won't be a big deal as Huawei builds its own native applications. L' App Gallery has more than 11.000 applications available to users and are working to integrate new proposals every day.

What are Huawei's options on Android without Google support?

As for the backup of contacts and passwords, Huawei has its own cloud to store the information. The point against this service is that it only has 5GB of storage and if you want more space you have to pay to get up to 200GB.

Alternative applications are essential for Huawei to survive and remain a strong competitor in the market. What they propose are Open Source applications and third party services.

Instead of using Chrome, you can choose to use Mozilla or Opera or replace the Google search engine with Bing. The proposals he suggests using as a cloud are Dropbox or using Telegram. Use applications like Microsoft's office suite, Proton Mail, Evernote, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram.

This situation leaves Huawei at a disadvantage as the user experience ne is greatly affected. Not to mention that many of the Google they are often used extensively. Huawei must reinvent itself and start from scratch to create better options for users and continue to maintain customer loyalty.

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