What are the best anti-theft smart locks

As we enter the technological age, we look for these technologies intervene in the good living of the populations. One way to do this is by creating smart anti-theft locks.

They are increasingly used in homes as an emergency against the wave of robberies. In order for you to acquire the best of these locks, we have prepared the theme for you: what are the best anti-theft smart door locks.

Why buy smart anti-theft locks?

There are several reasons to consider when thinking to the purchase of smart locks that prevent theft of home, office, factory, among others. It is as feasible as enabling the anti-theft lock on your mobile. First of all, we can mention an advantage related to the numerous models of them.

Many people think that anti-theft smart locks have a strange shape or that their intelligence is revealed to the naked eye. But the truth is that no, if you like discreet, there are thousands of simple templates on the market. These models mimic the look of an ordinary lock, but behind this is a reliable anti-theft system.

Another reason to buy this type of locks would be the fact that you will have a much safer home. This is because, for example, you can control the smart lock with an app anchored to your smartphone. You will be able to manage who enters your home, what time they enter, until what time and also the deliveries they make to your home.

Nor will you have to worry about the keys for yourself, your family or your friends, because to open it you will only need the app and a code that you have to open the door. This would be one of the first steps to start turning your home into a smart home and you don't need a lot of money to do it.

What are the best anti-theft smart locks

One last big plus is the fact that they make your life easier. With Alexa (Amazon), HomeKit (Apple) and Google Assistant (Google) you can activate advanced settings in your lock. With these you can lock or open your door, access it remotely, see your door from afar, among others.

What are the best anti-theft smart locks

To make it easier for you to analyze the locks, the ones we will mention below we will separate them into two groups and then you will choose the one you like and fit best.

Tesa Assa Abloy, ZKTECO and Samsung padlocks: beautiful and practical

First, we'll start by talking about the fabulous Tesa Assa Abloy motorized smart lock available on Amazon, which isn't just pretty cool. It is also very smart, since the Tesa brand has taken it upon itself to innovate it and keep its own to one side security processes for a minimum of errors.

With its ENTR app you can get digital passwords, so you won't have to use keys. It has no bulky and annoying cables, on the contrary, it runs on batteries, which will be more practical.

Another padlock smart looking modern and smart is the ZKTECO biometric smart lock, which is very easy to install. You can add users who can open the lock and thus access it more easily. This block is also anchored to an application so that it can be controlled remotely.

Finally, there is the modern smart lock from the Samsung brand, which has several ways to access it. It can be with some special stickers that it carries, some cards and key rings that will be used to access the lock. The Samsung brand also has the advantage of allowing you to track and lock your mobile phone if it is lost or stolen.

Invisible smart locks with passwords: the safest

If what you are looking for is a lock that exponentially increases the security of your home, we can mention the invisible smart lock. This is designed for not be within the reach of thieves, preventing them from opening the front door.

What are the best anti-theft smart locks

It has a very good battery, easy and quick to charge; And if you like being environmentally friendly, you can even charge it with an external solar charging battery. This lock is equipped with several knobs to control it, easy to use and to take wherever you want.

Another very safe option is the smart locking of the Password. It consists of a use with a password of your choice or via the app. It is very easy to install and use, but it is difficult for a thief to breach yours high level of security Theft Protection. Now that you have the information you need, go shopping for anti-theft smart locks!

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