What are the best Apps / Applications to record voice on iPhone?

How useful it can be to have a voice recorder in some situations of our daily life. We think we are with our baby and he is trying to say his first words. Or maybe someone is giving us important instructions to carry out a task, such as a cooking recipe. These are just some of the occasions we would appreciate having one of the apps to record your voice  on our iPhone.

If we have an iPhone device, we could fix it, as it comes with an included voice recorder that we can use. However, it doesn't have many features with it. But you knew they exist voice recording apps on iPhone which are more powerful and improve the audio quality? We have researched for you which of them are the best. Join us in this post and we will mention them to you.

Unbeatable apps to record voice on iPhone

Available in the Apple Store we find these excellent tools for recording vocals. Each with similar functions and others with specialized options. These are some of them:

What are the best Apps / Applications to record voice on iPhone?

1. APR

It has quite useful functions, for example, when we record the voice, we can pause and then continue at any time. It allows you to tag audios most important and send them via WiFi, DropBox, email, among others. It also offers us editing options such as cropping, merging two or more files, speed adjustment and optimization of recordings.

2. AudioNote2

Very useful application for those students who want record the lessons of their teachers. In addition to doing your usual voice recording business, AudioNote2 has a space where you can take notes, which makes it quite versatile. The audios are saved when you log into iCloud, Dropbox or the same phone and we can share them on other platforms.

3. Vocal Post one of the best apps to record voice on iPhone

Interesting tool to record voice on iPhone that allows its users to enjoy one good sound quality and then listen to it or play it via bluetooth if you wish ; It also doesn't cover a large space on our phone. It allows us to make long recordings and even share them, such as podcasts on social networks or other platforms. These features make it one of the best voice recording apps on iPhone.

4. Professional voice recorder

It features a voice recorder that allows you to record telephone conversations. The quality with which he shows the audios has earned him an excellent reputation among journalism professionals. It has format editing and transformation tools, which give it great flexibility when sharing on other platforms.

5. Professional HT recorder

It can perceive near and far sounds while maintaining its high sound quality. The "Auditorium" and "Conference Room" tools are capable of enhance the sound when there are different voices.

His system is designed for detect the moments when there is silence, interrupting and resuming when it barely detects sounds. Users of this platform have ranked it as one of the best apps to record voice on iPhone.

What are the best Apps / Applications to record voice on iPhone?

Tips for choosing one of the apps to record voice on iPhone

When we enter the Apple Store we can investigate the functions that each application contains. Even the ratings they received from users and the reviews that are made on the platform are of great help in choosing. We always try to download the most updated versions so that you can have new voice recording features.

It is a great relief to have a powerful application to record voice on iPhone, which shows us the audio in great quality. Here we have shown you what they are the best apps that we have found to facilitate your choice. Tell us what you think of this information by leaving us your comment in the box below.

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