What are the best download managers to install on my iOS iPhone?

If you constantly download files from the Internet then you should know What are the best download managers to install on my iOS iPhone ?. Through the following tutorial, we will answer this question, showing you some of the most important ones for the iOS platform.

A download manager can be very useful, as it usually offers more important options than conventional browsers. Even on the Apple device platforms there are some good contenders in this section, which you will encounter today. On the other hand, you can also access the best managers to speed up downloads on Android. Without further ado, read this guide for download managers on iOS.

What is a download manager?

We call download manager any program that can keep track of the files we download from the Internet. Using a download manager is possible manage all those files we download without major problems and from the same space.

Most of the download managers are very functional, as we can make several downloads at the same time and control aspects such as the download speed, on many occasions we can also pause file downloads and we download and in general they have functions aimed just to get files from the Internet.

What are the best download managers to install on my iOS iPhone?

What are the best download managers to install on my iOS iPhone?

I branded devices Apple are among the most important in the world of telecommunications, undoubtedly to get the most out of them it is better to integrate them with useful apps, such as download managers. Some of the coolest download managers for iOS I'm:

File App

Files App is an application that stands out for its great ease of use, its intuitive appearance and system and the possibility of download virtually any file from the Internet. If what you want is a download manager for your iPhone, iPad or similar devices, we recommend that you try this application.

The application is divided into four parts, the first of which is a sort of "Navigator", through which we will identify those files that we want to download. The second part consists of the " Download management “, Which is precisely the space where you will see how the files you download from the internet are progressing.

On the other hand, we also have the “Downloaded files” section, which is the place where all the files you download with the application will be stored. In turn, we have the “Configuration” section, which, as the name indicates, is where the changes related to the app settings are made.

The File App application is free download, in any case it has a paid version of $ 4,99, which eliminates all the limitations present in the free version of the App. The application can be accessed via the following link File - File Manager & Navigator.

What are the best download managers to install on my iOS iPhone?


If the application we mentioned above does not catch your attention, due to its limitations in the free version, you can opt for another completely free software, which will work just for most needs, we refer to Documents.

Documents is not a download manager For all intents and purposes, it is classified as a file manager, which in other words means that it allows us to organize documents, multimedia content and other files on our mobile devices. In any case, it has other very interesting functions.

Among these functions we find that of the download manager, which although simple can be very functional. All this is integrated in an application that tries to answer the different needs that usually have iPhone users.

As a highlight, we can point out that since the application is initially a file manager, it is compatible with multiple types of documents, so once the files are downloaded, we can open them in many cases with the same documents as the app. If you are interested in getting this application, please follow the Readdle Documents link below.

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