What are the best flashlight apps for iPhone? - Download flashlights for free

Most mobile phones now have an option function torch incorporated. This is due to the fact that at the beginning of the launch of smartphones there were few who had LED light or flash next to the camera.

Therefore, users just made their devices shine in situations where there was no more light than theirs. Of course, this could only be achieved if you used the camera to record videos with the flash on. This, unsurprisingly, was consuming a lot of storage memory.

As a consequence of this inconvenience, it was decided to make the most of all the useful capacity of this LED light and it was decided to integration the torch option in all phones. Which basically consists of being able to turn on the flash regardless of whether you are using the camera.

Next, we'll let you know what your options are better and more efficient when you download a flashlight application so as not to run the problem of applications closing on iPhone due to bad installation or not very good choice of this application.

What are the best flashlight apps for iPhone? - Download flashlights for free

How to download flashlight app on my iPhone?

If you want to download an application to your iPhone, it's very simple. It is done as if you were to download any other application. Most of these are paid, however there are several totally free.

To download one, you just have to access your device's application library, or the App Store. To activate it you have to go to the settings on your mobile, select App Store, configure it with your username and your Apple ID, these must match, then click where it says Connect and that's it.

To find out when an application is free you have to look at its description and information. If a sum of money referring to a price appears somewhere, it is because the question was actually paid.

If, on the other hand, the "get" option appears directly and you don't see any price anywhere, that's why you will not be charged anything when you download it. If while installing the application it doesn't work, you can try to update your iPhone without it being full or not.

Best free flashlight apps for iPhone

There are thousands of flashlight applications, so choosing one may seem difficult, they are available for any version of Apple's iOS operating system. Here we will leave you some of the best options so that you can choose the more fitting to you:

  • Flashlight, this application in addition to functioning as a normal flashlight, offers you a very special option which is to configure the light so that it turns on and off to the rhythm of music, like at a party
  • Torcia LED HD, offers you the possibility to choose between two types of lighting, that is, you can activate the light of the traditional flash or you can activate the option so that the screen becomes all white and therefore have a type of lighting that is not so intense
  • Virtual HD Candle, it is perfect when we do not want lighting at all and are simply looking for a slightly dark environment, similar to that offered by the light of a candle. Likewise, you have the option to activate the flash as a torch.
  • Best Flash Light, is perfect for hiking in the mountains, this application in addition to having the traditional flashlight of your phone, offers you maps, compass, localization system, among others.

What are the best flashlight apps for iPhone? - Download flashlights for free

You risk having a free flashlight app

As in all applications, there are risks in these too, and these are the permissions we grant during installation. Many of these require access to our location, our media files, even to record sounds or images through our camera and microphone without any prior notice.

It's something that is undoubtedly scary, but don't worry, as Apple is a closed system greatly reduces the chances of applications to spy on us.

Another risk of having a flashlight application on our iPhone is that it greatly reduces the battery life of the cell phone.

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