What are the best free launchers to customize my iPhone phone?

What is it, what is it for and how to install a launcher on Android? They are locales known to the users of that system. They are more familiar and can even make an Android look like an iPhone using iLauncher, for example.

That's why we're going to show you some of the best options here launchers for your iPhone and best of all, all the options we're going to give you are completely free, so let's get started!

First of all, what is a launcher?

When we talk about launcher or launcher we refer to a mobile application to change the look of our mobile, such as the screen, the way we see icons, create animated folders, among many other things.

These applications are generally created for Android operating systems, because its operating system allows users to make more changes than Apple does.

However, as the years have gone by and new versions of Apple's iOS mobile operating system have appeared, these have been loosened up a bit in terms of changes. It is true that you will not find thousands of options, but rest assured that the ones we mention below they are about the best pitchers for iPhone.

The best launchers for iPhone

All mobiles come with factory launchers, but it's not always the coolest or most versatile. These applications help you improve the appearance of your mobile or make it much more comfortable.

Takhion Apps, LLC

With this launcher you can change your wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper too, it has a wide variety of options for that. In addition, you have different backgrounds and the content update is totally free.


This is one of the best launchers for iPhone, because it allows you to change the icons on your home screen, it is a launcher focused mainly on the female audience.

 Appyfurious UO

The super advantage of this launcher is that you can enjoy live wallpapers, an option that is currently causing a stir. Furthermore, allows you to save live wallpapers and place them on both your home screen and lock screen.


What are the best free launchers to customize my iPhone phone?

App Apalon

This launcher invites you to " to tune ”Your screen, offers you new themes, you can change the appearance of all your icons, create shelves with applications and much more.

On the other hand, what makes this launcher different from the rest is that it has an app Apple Watch, this allows the Apple sphere to properly match the appearance of your iPhone.

You have a variety of options for your launchers

While not all of them offer you as many options as you can on an Android, with these launchers you can create a completely different look on your iPhone.

Icon and skin: this launcher is simple but gives you a wide variety of options, you have the freedom to design your home screen the way you like it in an easy way.

Also, your phone icons can be placed in the form of a shelf or interspersed with each other, you can give a great makeover with this launcher.


What are the best free launchers to customize my iPhone phone?

Limitations of iPhone launchers

Now, it is true that we show you the best iPhone launchers, but even so there are many limitations that you can find in them. No changes can be made to all aspects of your iPhone, and there are few that allow you to change the look of your icons or settings panel.

Most are created for customize the start of your mobile phone. Still it's a nice and big change for your phone.

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