What are the best public DNS servers? - Free and fast

Thanks to DNS it is possible to connect to servers of different websites. So they are included in all computers. Therefore, it is important to know what the best public DNS servers; so you can enjoy its benefits and a free and fast service to browse.

What is a DNS and what is its importance?

The DNS acronym stands per Domain Name System. Refers to a service that is essential to connect to the network. Its configuration is usually configured with the operator who provides you with the Internet service. Basically, DNS converts a web address into an IP address; this way your computer will know which server to connect to to access information on a website.

Now you may be wondering why you need additional DNS if it is configured by your carrier. The reason is that alternatives are sometimes needed because some DNS is blocked by a government. Also, with an alternative DNS you can improve privacy, security and the speed of your connection. Therefore, it is important that you can choose the best public DNS servers to enjoy the benefits for free.

The best public DNS servers

These are the best public DNS servers:


He started his business in 2005 and has positioned himself as one of the best public DNS servers in the world. Their free service works with great speeds and is always active. One of its advantages is security, as it automatically blocks phishing websites. Although there are ways to access certain blocked pages. They also include around 50 customizable filters that allow you to control access to certain websites.

What are the best public DNS servers? - Free and fast

It includes various packages such as the one for the family, it is free and it is ideal for parents since block adult content. It also includes paid options that allow you to improve the security levels of laptops; among other paid options that improve the service and functionality of this DNS.

Your track record customization, plans and features offers; they position it as one of the best options. The primary and secondary DNS addresses are: and

Google DNS

It was created in late 2009 and it is ideal for the newest ones ; as it includes online documents in which they explain in detail how it works. However, it's not the best option when it comes to privacy; as it saves some browsing data for troubleshooting and diagnostics. For users' peace of mind, they guarantee to delete your IP address between 24 and 48 hours later.

Offers excellent speed. It does not contain browsing filters, however it guarantees protection against DoS attacks and DNS cache poisoning. So it's a simple, easy and safe alternative. We show you how to set it up. Its primary and secondary DNS addresses are and

Comodo Secure DNS

While not the fastest option, it is one of the safest to navigate. Offers phishing page blocking, detects malware, spyware, and sites with excess ads and advertisements. Guarantees blocking of malicious IP requests, advanced threats; Also, you can customize the blocks according to the sites you want.

What are the best public DNS servers? - Free and fast

It also has a paid version which offers a higher level of security and other configuration options. Its outstanding feature is the level of security they offer you. The primary and secondary DNS addresses are and

Cloudflare one of the best public DNS servers

It's a fairly simple option to manage, with basic functions and is characterized by its excellent speed. It ensures that your information is not used for advertising purposes, nor that your IP address is used; in addition, it offers to delete the log generated at 4 hours. To ensure it meets every condition, it hires external audits to be confirmed through public reports.

As a disadvantage, does not include blocking, content blocking, or phishing safety filters. But that's not alarming, there are ways to protect ourselves. Its outstanding attribute is speed and privacy. The primary and secondary DNS addresses are and

Now you can compare these options and choose between the best public DNS servers. Choose based on your needs and benefits in terms of speed, privacy and security.

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