What are the funniest, funniest, most original and scariest questions for Siri?

This application is available on all versions of Apple's iOS mobile operating system. The popularity of this application is due to the efficiency it shows in adapting over time to tastes and preferences of its users. It is able to configure the entire system according to the preferences of those who use it.

To enjoy this application, simply download it via the application library so you can control your iPhone with just your voice by saying the words " hey siri ".

Having said all this, it is important to underline that this application is constantly being renewed, to the point that it is no longer even necessary to speak to activate it, simply by using a Apple Watch and raising your hand it will activate.

What are the funniest, funniest, most original and scariest questions for Siri?

Can you talk to Siri?

We can in fact dialogue with Siri. That is, we can start a conversation with this application so that it answers us and somehow follows our dialogue, we can also use the Siri assistant as a personal translator and even to recognize the radio songs we like best. It is important to note that to use Siri, your device must be connected to a data network that provides the Internet.

We must not forget that, of course, he is not a real person, so he does not have the ability to think for himself, all these answers are, in some way, already prepared, although he has the ability to go with flowing up to a certain point.

The answers Siri offers to a conversation that takes place are generally common sense answers, however, this can be based on your research or the performance you have given, to say the most. consistent with the conversation.

This means that the more you use Siri, the more it learns about you, relates your searches, activities, and uses all of these information collected to answer you as consistently as possible that artificial intelligence allows when you initiate a type of conversation.

With the' constant use of the application, the answers and advice he can give you will be more and more precise.

The funniest, funniest and most original questions for Siri

This application has a fairly advanced artificial intelligence system that through constant use allows it to adapt more and more to the preferences and attitude of its user, in order to provide consistent and efficient responses when it interacts with it.

His system is so advanced that he even includes some kind of humor in his answers. We can notice this when we ask some questions that are a bit absurd or of funny origin, for example a user decided to ask Siri how much he was zero divided by zero, the response was very original when she told him to split zero cookies among the zero friends who had this.

So, if you ever feel bored and want to have fun, don't hesitate to start some kind of conversation or ask questions to your virtual assistant Siri. Here we will leave you some ideas so that you can see for yourself how impressive it is and how far artificial intelligence can go these days. To get funny answers from Siri you can say:

  • Ok google
  • are drunk
  • When the world will end?
  • ho very sleepy
  • What wear?
  • I love you
  • Do for me A sandwich
  • As mi you see?
  • What It could be better?
  • Dimmi a poem

What are the funniest, funniest, most original and scariest questions for Siri?

Scary questions for Siri

Siri also has the ability to activate your fear sensor. There have been several cases of Siri users ensuring that the virtual assistant activates at certain hours in the morning without receiving any voice commands or activation signals, and that some of their responses have a certain terrifying air.

Check it out for yourself and tell siri the following phrases and questions which will surely surprise you with its answers:

  • There are King Magi?
  • How would that be the end of the world?
  • Tell me one horror story
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