10 best Instagram posting apps

10 best Instagram posting apps

Social networks have become the window to observe the world, especially Instagram that we use to socialize, upload photos, sell, share our lives, make digital marketing posts and many strategies that make it the jewel of the markets of this century. Though in the midst of so much content, sometimes we need other tools to help us publish it all, e.g with these applications to post on Instagram you will find your hand.

With them you can organize and manage all the posts, photos, videos, stories and everything you need to upload during the day, week or month, so you have a defined strategy and don't waste time posting manually. On Aplicacionspara.org we offer you a complete review of the most functional and useful applications to manage and organize posts on the small camera's social network. Ours follows TOP 10 of the best apps to post on Instagram.

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10. Hootsuite per i social media

The best way to plan your Instagram posts and define truly functional strategies is through this application. Hootsuite is an app that will help you plan all the posts you need to do throughout the week or month, so you can create content grids in advance and keep track of what you want people to see, which will allow you to take advantage of dates important and view non-spontaneous content.

Meanwhile, Hootsuite is one of the best Instagram posting apps because it offers you a menu of simple tools. You can attach the photos or videos you want, add caption with emoji button to attract more. Add as many hashtags as you need, and then schedule the time of day you want your post to be published. Also, if you want to plan the stories, you will also be able to plan them and have a solid strategy.

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9. Social Management

Another gem of Instagram scheduling apps it's called SocialGest. With it you can access a super simple, intuitive and easy to use programming menu. Schedule all the posts you want to publish during the time periods you choose and then add the “copy” or caption that attracts and engages people. Tags are important too, so you'll be able to add a handful of them with just one tap.

On the other hand, SocialGest is perfect for continuous publishing. If you register you will be able to get a free version to schedule one publication per day, although to get rid of the limits and schedule everything you want, you will have to access the paid version, since it really is an investment because it is one of the cheapest and most functional options . Like the previous one, you can also schedule stories for defined times. Look!

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8. Repost to Instagram

But an ultra-functional tool for posting on Instagram is the repost. With it we can share other people's posts in our individual or company account, to show that it is a shared post. You'll get a watermark on one end of the image with the photo and user you got the post from, as well as a full caption of the photo showing the information, standing out among the applications to post reposts on Instagram.

In addition, Repost for Instagram works with a few simple steps: log into the regular app, hit the share option, copy the link to clipboard, go to the repost app and you will see the post ready. You can configure it to show the watermark or credit, change the color of the bar or leave it transparent, as well as remove it completely. The caption will be copied and you just have to go to Instagram and paste it. So easy!

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7. Buffer: Manage Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Perhaps you have multiple Instagram accounts or different social networks of the same brand. Buffer will help you stay in control of everything, as it offers you a complete and advanced scheduler so that you can organize all the posts you need to do in each of the different accounts available. Just schedule the time, day, week and month you want to add the schedule and the app will take care of it for you.

Buffers too it is perfect among the applications to publish on Instagram because it offers you the statistics function, which will allow you to track the people who have seen the different publications, the type of interactions they have accessed, being able to measure the success of your strategy and take actions to improve the defects. Best of all, you can also schedule reposts so you never run out of things to post.

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6. Postcron: schedule your posts

You will always need a publishing program to help you with your multiple accounts. Postcron will support you so that you can schedule up to 1.000 posts of publications on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of course. You will only have to upload or upload the photos, videos or arts you want, add a description or caption where you convey what you feel and set the location to complete the publication.

On the other hand, Postcron also works through Excel formats, in case you usually do weekly scheduling grids. You will be able to organize all the publications you want to do during one, two, three or months as you want, allowing you to get rid of having to upload photos manually, saving you a lot of time. Everything will be organized in a calendar agenda and you just have to add the dates, being one of the best applications to schedule publications on Instagram.

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5. Post for social networks

Of course, to post on Instagram you need to create attractive posts and designs. Post for Networks is a complete and professional application with which you can design the best artwork and posts for your company, personal account, brand, general store or any theme available. Upon entering you will find many templates based on the latest trends of interesting posts so you can surf the wave that everyone is riding.

Don't worry about stories, because the app has formats for them too and exclusive tools, including interactive videos, fabulous stickers, advanced editing tools, coloring brushes, background eraser and everything you need. You will no longer have to pay a graphic designer because you will be able to make powerful and captivating posts. After all, the app will also help you post it, ideal between one post and another to post on IG.

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4. Planoly: Instagram Post Planner & Feed Planner

Maybe you'd like to see what your Instagram profile would look like with scheduled posts. Planoly is a programmer with which you can upload thousands of photos to the social network, but in a particular way. You will be able to add the way images will be displayed in your profile to organize harmonic publications. In other words, if you want to combine everything to get spectacular visual strategies, this app is perfect for you.

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3. Grids for Instagram

Have you come across those Instagram profiles that have a super photo of different posts? Grids for Instagram will help you cut a photo into 9 parts to upload a harmonious publication to your profile, puzzle-style, but more striking. The only thing you will need is to edit an image, a graphic or a post in the application and it will take care of cropping it and saving everything. The only thing you will have to do is upload them, distinguishing you among the applications to post on Instagram.

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2. Social Media Post Maker – Social Posts

And if you want more options for designing your arts, Social Post will be there to help. With it you will have access to thousands of templates and customizable clip art with which you can add messages, add photos, images and videos. If you like stickers, you'll find a complete pack of them. Of course, it also has effects, filters, frames, colors and many things that you will surely like.

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1. StoryBeat – Unleash your creativity

Finally, a very useful app option to post Instagram Stories. StoryBeat is designed so that you can create interactive stories with sounds, audios, videos, gifs, moving images, photos, voice notes, songs and more. You will also be able to access animated and interactive backgrounds, add texts with thousands of available fonts and prepare a professional post for your social networks. Once done, the app will allow you to post it as well.

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With these applications to post on instagram you will be able to schedule posts, add photos, add hashtags, emojis, captions, as well as schedule stories with locations, location tags, auto-repost, design images and arts, leverage interactive templates, split a photograph into multiple posts, and you are in control of everything you will show on your profile, perfect for those who manage one or more Instagram accounts and other social networks.

Da applyfor.org we feel committed to you, so on that occasion we have prepared a full post of apps that will help you manage your Instagram account like a pro. The only thing you need is to try out each of the options we have brought you in this review, as they have been selected based on their various unique functions and features. This was ours TOP 10 of the best apps to post on Instagram. Have fun planning!

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