How long does a 10.000mAh power bank or portable charger last?

To satisfy that need; On the market they are present portable chargers or power banks to charge your mobile devices, be they a Tablet or a phone.

What is a Powerbank?

It's a portable charger or small battery that you can use anywhere, anytime. This has one or more USB ports where you can connect your devices; whether it's at home, or carry it in your pocket, backpack, purse, backpack, car.

It also allows you to load various equipment or electronic devices such as: Tablets or phones, connecting them to the USB port of the same when you need them.

Power banks (Bank drums) were the first in a Sample International Consumer Electronics Las Vegas in 2000; There a student made the sample with an electrical circuit and a AA battery.

Recall that at that time the charging capacity of electronic devices, in this case of mobile phones, lasted longer.

How long does a 10.000mAh power bank or portable charger last?

However, it wasn't until 2007 when the Apple company launched its signature Iphone phone which didn't have a replacement battery; and charging the equipment only lasted 4 hours, which significantly promoted the use of these portable chargers.

You currently have a large number of Power bank like the pocket-sized ones, which have a capacity of 3000 and 6000 mAh; ultra thin ones which have 5000 and 8000mAh and you can take it wherever you want.

The 10.000 mAh SUVs, capable of withstanding the most hostile environments; those with a large capacity 10.000-20.000mAh and those with a capacity greater than 20.000mAh; custom, solar, automotive, among others.

The unit mAh (milli-ampere-hours) it is used to measure electrical energy over a certain period of time. You can see this regularly in the charging specifications of your devices, which indicate the maximum energy storage capacity a battery can have.

One of the most recommended with a higher load capacity is the EasyAcc model which uses a 10.000 mAh external battery, compact and with great performance.

It is important to note that the people who use iPhones or smartphones are the ones who use it the most, hence the evolution of these chargers.

How long should you charge a 10000mAh power bank or portable charger?


How long does a 10.000mAh power bank or portable charger last?

The charging time of your power bank will depend on its model and the type of charger you use to recharge it.

There are chargers from 2 amp which allow you to charge the battery of your power bank in about 6 hours; Of course, this will depend on the amount of charge it has at the time loading.

For example, if your power bank has a 25% charge, it is clear that the charging time would be shortened, but if you have 0% capacity, there is a chance that it will recharge in that time frame already mentioned.

An important factor to take into consideration is that if you charge your power bank with a charger with a capacity of less than 2 amps, the time it takes to charge it would be a bit longer due to the amount of charge the team supplies are less.

It is important to see how every day i technological advances they help us meet our needs when we use electronic devices.

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