How to activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile devices

These Huawei phones have multiple renewals in their graphical interface and offer a very innovative element that is none other than the application drawer. Where it is of your preference you can activate it or enable it. This is to be able to find those applications that you rarely use for various reasons and go directly to the application drawer.

Activating this feature is very simple, as is clearing the cache memory on Huawei phones to free up space. And in the next tutorial we will tell you what steps you should follow so that you can have the active app drawer on Huawei mobile devices. Here we show you what you should do.

How to activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile devices

As a Huawei user, you should already know that all those applications that you have installed on your device, whether they are Google or not, are displayed on the main screen. If you want these, they can be seen on another screen you can do, in a very easy and simple way. Just like you would do for activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile devices.

How to activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile devices

If you want to show your App on a second screen, you need to do the following, first go to the settings of your mobile. To do this, click on the dice icon, then click on the New Main Board Style option. This action will take you to another window and you will be shown several options and you will choose from them Drawer applications.

When you are done choosing this option, it will take your phone a few seconds to reconfigure the new options you have activated. Now you will observe the standard format and you will also have in the bar a direct access button to all the applications you have installed on your mobile.

Make changes to the Huawei phone settings

Here you will have only one window and you will search for your App by scrolling down and up and not from left to right, as you did in the previous format. And not only have you enabled the application drawer, but you have enabled it and you can find all the ones you regularly use as social networks and communication apps direct or instant.

Or those Apps that you use little or that you do very rarely, the activation of this function is interesting. If you want to go back to the home screen as before, you just have to go back to your phone's Settings. Select the Style option on the main screen and finally choose the Standard Mode option.

This will allow you to show all the applications installed on the home screen again, as you had before activating the application drawer. As you can see, activating this feature is very easy to do and it won't take long to do it. This shows how versatile it is to set up these phones.

Now to finish and avoid leaving empty spaces, try to organize all those applications you use most regularly. And the ones you don't use so much, you can leave them below. For this you can have your own app drawer organized to your liking and you can have access to your App, more directly and quickly.

How to activate the app drawer on Huawei mobile devices

We have thus finished this tutorial, which explained with simple steps how to activate the application drawer on Huawei mobile devices. It's up to you to learn them and share them with all your friends.

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