How to delete and remove Instagram photos and videos from Google searches

I will show you how you can delete videos and photos on Instagram in bulk without having to proceed one by one. It is important to know that it is valid only if you use the browser or the google search engine.

 From your mobile device you can have the ability to delete your photos and videos from Instagram but it is worth learning how to do it from your pc too.

Instagram has so many things to show you that only with a photo you can tell the person's Instagram. This application innovates exponentially, today's humans love to upload photos and videos every day.

The global pandemic has helped a lot to grow these applications since we are in protected houses and with these innovations we can see the world around us.

Delete Instagram photos and videos from your Google browser

Once on the Google desktop, as long as you work from the desktop, you cannot delete Instagram photos, i.e. Instagram does not give you the possibility to delete.

From the main page of our profile we click on the right button, click on inspect, it will open a small window on the left side of your screen, which opens all the coding behind the Instagram profile. From there we will convert the desktop view to mobile format.  

Let's go in small window on the right side of the screen and click on the button located at the top left, while performing this step we have to refresh the page, that is by giving F5 and in this way we would have the mobile version in the desktop. 

How to delete and remove Instagram photos and videos from Google searches

By clicking on any of the images and clicking on the three points Now we'll have the ability to delete. And therefore it is very easy to get the desired option.

Locate the Chrome extension to delete photos and videos from Instagram

We teach you how locate the extension of Chrome to be able to mass delete images, photos and videos from your Instagram. You can also schedule Instagram posts, among other things.

We identify the three points located in the in part top right of the screen, we click where the more tools option will appear where we will press click and it will show us the extensions where we will click on this option.

In this option, all downloaded extensions you have will be opened. We locate the three lines located in the upper left part of the screen, click and a box will appear from open with Chrome where we will press.

Once inside we place Imacros For Chrome in the search engine, Imacros For Chrome it will appear in the first option where in the add to chrome box and the company page will open immediately.

Since you added it to the chrome screen, in this way you will have the extension that we will use, in practice it automates the actions we tell it.

How to know what actions we will automate with the imacros tool to delete photos and videos?

The simplest way is through a code, this code will make automatic use for you to do the deletion process.

The first thing you should do before opening the extensions is to click on the register button and then press register imacro and immediately a code appears, we give stop and it will open the action you just performed, it is simply to detect that finds you in the URL. 

How to delete and remove Instagram photos and videos from Google searches

The URL on the top screen can be verified. In the end we give it to save as, put a name of your preference to save it and hit ok, and you will have the action that will make you delete the photos massively and automatically.

You have to consider looking at the last photo uploaded on your Instagram and you will start applying the delete actions with the above and this process is too fast.

But it is advisable when using this tool to delete photos and videos massively so that you can check very subtly in so that your Instagram account does not close.

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