How to make a GIF with a YouTube video from my Android phone or iPhone

As always, we are committed to teaching you the best way to leverage your assets. In this case, if you don't have a computer or laptop at the moment, we'll explain that it's possible create a GIF with a YouTube video with your Android or iPhone mobile phone. But first, it's important to let us know what a GIF is and why it's useful on YouTube.

Create a GIF using YouTube on Android

We check several methods, the most common is insert the word GIF in the address or url before YouTube. We tested it on our mobile with the Android system and it didn't work; we even get the typical wrong page message. Maybe it works if you do it from a computer, but here we will explain so that you can do it from your mobile.

How to make a GIF with a YouTube video from my Android phone or iPhone

  • First of all, make sure you have a good internet connection, because you run the risk of losing the procedure if the connection fails.
  • You can go to the application YouTube your Android. If you don't have it, no problem, you can go to Google and put YouTube in the space.
  • Find the video of your preference that you want to extract a GIF, preferably less than 3 minutes. We found that the longer videos from that time made the process difficult.
  • When you find it, observe and note the time frame you are interested in in the video.
  • Next, from the options presented to you, tap "Share" and then "Copy link". Here you will get the YouTube video address or URL.
  • Open the page. This site will facilitate the creation of your GIF by extracting the animation you like.
  • At the top of the page you will find a space indicating that you can paste the video address there. When you do, wait a few minutes.
  • You will watch your video, below it tells you to select the start time and the end time. To do this, slide your finger across the timeline.
  • With that done, tap the "Create Gif" button and wait a few seconds.
  • And voila, you have it, it will show you your already created Gif. If you want to download it, you just need to tap the download button or download and select the size.
  • It will ask you for a short registration, don't worry, it's free and above all fast. Once your email is confirmed, you can download it and enjoy it.

Create a GIF using YouTube with iPhone

  • Go up Safari and from there we go up YouTube.
  • When you find the video, you play it on your iPhone. In the meantime, hit the icon at the bottom with a pointing arrow towards' high to activate the AirDrop.
  • In the window AirDrop, tap the shortcuts icon. If you have the button disabled, press the “plus” option of the 3 consecutive points (…) and activate it.
  • Then touch the red box "Download YouTube" and wait for it to run.
  • Then go to the menu "AirDrop" and touch “Save video”, lo automatically stores on the reel.

How to make a GIF with a YouTube video from my Android phone or iPhone

To create the GIF there are other alternatives, here we will show you another one, we recommend that you download the application Gif Toaster; When you open it, it allows you to access your iPhone's library.

  • When you see the downloaded video, select it.
  • And click the arrow on the top right to add effects.
  • Mark the part of the video you want convert to GIF.
  • Once you've finished editing, keep pressing the arrow and voila, you can now save the GIF to your gallery.

We hope you are satisfied with the simple steps in the explanation. Create your GIFs from a YouTube video from Android or iPhone it's really easy. When we do research, we try to find the process that works and, above all, that is easier to apply. Put it into practice and tell us how it went.

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