How to update the software of a Chinese car stereo - Quick and easy

How to update a Chinese radio with WIFI?

Depending on the model of your device, it may have the option of connect to a WIFI network, facilitating the installation of applications and, in our case, system updates.

These updates are when using our device, since they solve errors or failures, in terms of performance, safety or visual section, if you have the possibility to update do not hesitate to do so, to perform this procedure you must be connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Once you have this, turn on the radio and go to settings, here go down and look for the option "information" enter and in the updates section touch, here you can check if there are new updates or not, in case you have any, touch "Install".

How to update the software of a Chinese car stereo - Quick and easy

It will ask you to accept the terms of installation and you will receive a warning not to turn off the radio or unplug it from the power, so that the process can be completed as quickly as possible.

How to update a Chinese radio externally via USB?

To upgrade your radio externally, you will mainly need your computer and a USB memory, on the internet there is a huge library for update Chinese radios, you just need to search for your model in the search bar and you will find the files.

Likewise, you can install APK on your device, but you have to be careful when downloading any content as the application may be fake, cause damage to your computer or even fill it with some kind of annoying virus, which makes you have to go through a very tedious procedure.

Once the update file is found and downloaded, these usually they do not weigh more than 10mb, you do it from your computer, the file will be compressed and you will need to unzip it, then copy the file «.img» in the root of your USB memory.

Then, we connect the USB to the computer and we go to the settings section, and where it says updates, we give a tap and it will ask us for the installation file, we look for it and select the one that has the «.img» format , and we accept, with that, the automatic installation process will begin and be terminated.

Factors to consider before performing this procedure

When they come out updates for our devices, they rarely worsen the experience, since these, as we already know, always serve to correct errors or add more functions than those already present, in the case of our radio or playback device, these bug fixes can go interfacing.

How to update the software of a Chinese car stereo - Quick and easy

To do this series of steps you need to know that the car must be access and in the minimal state, simply turn it on and leave it like that, while you perform the update, it is extremely important that there is no power cut during the process, as this can lead to total damage to the stereo.

If you already had APK installed previously and want to keep them, you can do a backup of the respective installers to have them as insurance and avoid bad times, the update duration will depend on the radio model, as if it is a very old model it will take longer, but generally this does not take more than 20 minutes to make.

If you have any doubts or want to know a little more about what implements the update, you can search online for the device name along with the update and check what's new and if it is convenient for you to install it.

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