Instagram Stories, what they are and how they work

Instagram Stories, what they are and how they work

Definitely when Instagram launched Instagram Stories, thousands of users have come to say that it was a copy of Snapchat and that it would have no future, we have to say that they were very wrong, because today Instagram Stories is one of the most used features of Instagram worldwide and today we will show you what they are and how they work and then get all the juice out of it.

Since the arrival of Instagram Stories there have been many apps that have tried to follow the same path, WhatsApp statuses, the recent Twitter Fleets among others, but it seems that Instagram has been able to make the most of this feature and please its User users, it's true that Instagram Stories has a long way to go, but it's a really useful feature.

In the following article we will explain everything about Instagram Stories, what they are, how they work and how make the most of it how they can be a great way to tell your life to the world or to grow your business with marketing techniques for social networks.

Instagram Stories, a successful feature in social networks

To begin with, we will tell you that Instagram Stories is a feature where we can upload photos or videos to Instagram in vertical format with a particularity: they will only last 24 hours. Thanks to this, with its duration, we can show what we have done to the world in one day or show our followers content that we find interesting.

The Instagram feed is separate from the Instagram Stories, i.e. they are different things and we may want to have a neat and tidy feed and leave the Stories for the mess of our account. Also as extra Instagram stories it is possible that we can see them without having an Instagram account.

They can be for personal and professional use

We mentioned earlier that Instagram Stories have become a mass phenomenon since over 300 million users view and upload content to Instagram Stories every day. If we add it to the business component, we can provide our brand or company with a large part of the revenue.

As for the personal way of managing Instagram stories, influencers have to tell what they do in their daily life, because there is no better way than through stories, because being short videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds or a photo with effects and thus tell in a more fun way everything you do and what you want to show the world.

How to post a story on Instagram step by step?

Once we know the basics of Instagram Stories and see the potential they have, the next step will be learn how to upload a Story to the app and don't die trying, as they have many functions and types of Stories we can do.

Before you start uploading a Story step by step you have to take several points into account, because when you create one we will have several options to start creating spells in our Instagram Stories feed, these are the types of Stories that exist:

  1. Photo or video: when we are going to create a Story we can upload a simple photo taken at the moment with the Instagram camera API or a video, we will only have to press the capture button and for a photo or leave it pressed to start Disc.
  2. Creates: a screen will appear where we can add all the content we want, text, images from our gallery, effects, GIFs, videos, stickers, music, polls, among others.
  3. Boomerang: a Boomerang with short videos that create a "loop", i.e. repetitive videos that achieve very funny and surprising effects.
  4. Multicapture: with this function we can add multiple photos or videos in the same Story and thus provide greater dynamism in each of them.
  5. Level: it will only show us a horizontal line on our screen so that we know when the mobile is completely straight to take the photo or video.
  6. Photo booth: surely you've ever been in one of them, flipped the coin and waited for the photos to be flipped one after another because this option is the same in Instagram stories, by pressing the photo button we will have a 3 second countdown and then a burst of photos with various transition effects:
  7. Superzoom: Superzoom it was one of the first features added as a filter to Instagram stories, but now it's found in the main menu, so you can create dramatic effects from a screenshot.
  8. Speakerphone: when we record a story we will have to hold down the record button, but if we use the hands-free function we will be able to record as if it were a normal video.

Illustrate your stories with effects, stickers and more

When we have finished making the video or photo we want, we can add much more content to make the story more amazing. If we slide our finger up we can get a panel where we can select all the possible contents for our Story.

Another of the functions that I like the most are the Instagram Stories, they are the filters, the Instagram filters are tools that they allow us to put filters on our face in a virtual way or we also have aesthetic filters for our photos, a feature that makes using stories more fun.

Among the functions we have:

  1. Position.
  2. mentions.
  3. Hashtag.
  4. Donations.
  5. Search box.
  6. Music.
  7. Clock with current time.
  8. Surveys.
  9. Requests.
  10. Survey.
  11. Countdown.
  12. Photo.
  13. Adhesives.
  14. Text.
  15. emoticons.
  16. Direct links (only for accounts with more than 10.000 followers).
  17. Filters.

As you can see, there are many things that we can add to our Story to personalize it and get a more amazing way as a trick to gain followers on Instagram.

So after seeing all we can do with Instagram Stories, it's time to open Instagram and take a walk through the stories to discover a world that can be your best ally in gaining followers.

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