Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

Now that 5G is among us, manufacturers are starting to flood their catalogs with smartphones compatible with the new technology. Among them, Samsung is one of the companies that has the largest number of 5G smartphone on sale.

In total, there are 15 Samsung phones with 5G for sale at this point in 2021. And today we wanted to review them all.

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

Galaxy Note20 Ultra, one of the 5G mobile phones in the Samsung catalog.

High-end Samsung 5G smartphone

Within the high-end mobile segment is where we will find most of the company's models compatible with 5G networks. The company started rolling out terminals with a 5G modem in 2019, and during 2020 and 2021 we have seen even more models arrive.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Samsung Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra have a built-in 5G modem.

At the beginning of 2021, Samsung presented its new high-end terminals: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ e Galaxy S21 Ultra. Among the incredible specifications of the new stars in the company's catalog there is 5G connectivity, that is, with them you can connect to the most advanced networks to enjoy the best connection speed.

This is the Exynos 2100 processor, the latest from Samsung, which has a integrated 5G modem with support for 5G SA and NSA networks.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 shown in Mystic Bronze.

The latest 5G model to join the company's catalog e the most expensive of all. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the second generation of Samsung's large-format fold, with significantly improved specifications over last year's model.

His chip Snapdragon 865 + is what gives it 5G connectivity, even if it's not by far the most special thing about the Galaxy Z Fold2.

Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

This is the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G

Refurbished just before the arrival of its big brother, the Z Fold2, il Galaxy Z Flip 5G is the revamped version of the company's smallest folding model.

The main difference from the Galaxy Z Flip that we analyzed in its day is the existence of a Snapdragon 865+ processor which gives the terminal the ability to connect to 5G networks.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The back of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

e Note20 Ultra

The two giants of the company's catalog: the Galaxy Note20 and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Both can be purchased in variants with integrated 5G modem together with the Exynos 990 processor, and are undoubtedly two of the reference terminals in the model range offered by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, S20 Ultra e S20 FE

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Galaxy S20 is one of the brand's mobile phones with integrated 5G.

Obviously, the models of the series could not be missing "S". Both the Galaxy S20, the Galaxy S20 + and the S20 Ultra come with the 5G variants available, all equipped with the Exynos 990 processor. There is also the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, which in this case has the Snapdragon 865 processor in its version with 5G.

It is probably one of the families more attractive of Samsung 5G terminals today, as their prices have dropped enough to catch up with others high-end devices without this type of connectivity, despite being strong candidates for i best mobile phones of the year 2021.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

This is the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The first foldout in Samsung's history was also the first foldable with 5G. What was - and continues to be - one of the company's most expensive terminals in its day has a Snapdragon 855+ processor supported by a 5G modem. However, the big differences compared to the 2020 model make it a model that many no longer even contemplate.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 e Note10 +

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Galaxy Note10 shares traits with its big brother, the Note20.

It's time to take a trip to 2019 to talk about two models that, even today, they are two of the most interesting mobiles that make up the Samsung catalog. The Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10 + are the penultimate members of the Galaxy Note family, with many traits shared with the latest models.

As a curiosity, remember that this was the first series of mobile phones in which Samsung has offered configurations with 5G of all variants.

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Galaxy S10 5G was the first Samsung mobile to support this technology.

This was, officially, the first 5G mobile phone created by Samsung. The Galaxy S10 5G wasn't exactly a successful model, but it helped us understand that the 5G was very close to becoming a reality.

Samsung mid-range 5G smartphone

But there are not only 5G-compatible high-end phones in the South Korean catalog. During the past year, the company has also been working on creating cheaper handsets equipped with this technology. Currently, these are the ones we can find:

Samsung Galaxy A90

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Galaxy A90 was Samsung's first affordable high-end mobile phone.

One of the forgotten greats, despite being a interesting terminal offering high-end specs at a mid-range price. The Samsung Galaxy A90 is was the company's first attempt to bring 5G closer to a wider audience, through a terminal which was far from over 1.000 euros which cost the company's most premium terminals.

Despite this, it inherits specifics such as the large SuperAMOLED screen or Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 5G modem. All this, at a price that today has dropped to 500 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A71 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The 5G version of the Galaxy A71 will soon arrive in Spain.

After the arrival of its younger brother, the Galaxy A71, Samsung has created a variant with improved connectivity called Samsung Galaxy A71 5G. To date, it is the only model with 5G within the company's most premium mid-range segment.

Samsung Galaxy A51 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

A large bezel-less screen takes up the entire front of the Galaxy A51 5G

Just a step below the Galaxy A71 5G is its little brother, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5G. With it, the company wants to leverage the success of the Galaxy A51, the second best-selling mobile phone in the world in 2020, and thereby increase the reception of 5G among the public.

For this the company has decided to reduce remarkably the price compared to other 5G terminals. Today it can be found at less than 400 euros.

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The back and front of the Samsung Galaxy A42.

The Galaxy A42 is Samsung's affordable mid-range gift: a terminal at a reduced price, with an integrated 5G modem which has landed on the market with a price of 349 euros, although it is already possible to find it at a lower price.

And its Snapdragon 690 processor that integrates a 5G modem which allows the terminal to connect to this type of network, a feature it inherits from the more advanced models of the Snapdragon 700 series.

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

Samsung Smartphones 5G: complete list of models

The Samsung Galaxy A32, one of Samsung's cheapest 5G phones.

The cheapest Samsung mobile with 5G connectivity is the Galaxy A32 5G, with an introductory price of 279 euros in its version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory. We are talking about a balanced phone, although its 5.000 mAh battery with 15 W fast charging shines with its own light.

In addition, it has a modern design that is irremediably reminiscent of the Galaxy S21 family. Well, beautiful and above all cheap, this is the Galaxy A32 5G.

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