Twitter will let you share tweets on Instagram Stories and Snapchat

Twitter will let you share tweets on Instagram Stories and Snapchat

From now on, it will be much easier share Twitter tweets directly to Instagram Stories and Snapchat, as a native integration will be added. A more comfortable system with a better finish than the usual trick of taking a screenshot of the tweets we want to upload to Stories.

This novelty is already available with Snapchat for iOS and will be incorporated into Android in the future. However, the most desired function will still take some time, and the integration between Twitter and Instagram Stories will be launched shortly afterwithout a specific date.

Twitter will first test some Instagram users on iPhone, and if they go well we imagine everyone will get it soon. Fleets, Twitter Stories, was launched recently, so the microblogging social network seems to be betting a lot on this format.

Although the option has not yet been activated, we know the steps for sharing tweets in Stories. We have to do it from a mobile, which has the Twitter and Instagram applications installed, following this example:

  1. In the tweet that we want to share, which shouldn't be private, we'll go the icon with an up arrow to start the process:

  1. In the menu that opens, options will appear Snap Camera e Instagram Stories if we have the applications installed on the mobile phone:

  1. The tweet will open in an Instagram Story (or Snapchat) like element that we can move or resize. In addition, we have access to all the usual Stories possibilities, including stickers, GIFs, adding text or polls.

  1. Once we like the design, we'll click on "Send to…" and we will choose, as always, whether to send it to public Stories, to a private contact, to group Stories or only to the list of best friends on Instagram:

The possibility of sharing tweets natively on Instagram is very cool, as it will incorporate the diversity of Twitter content into Stories, hopefully without affecting the health of the photography social networking community. We hope that the option will be activated soon and that we can all enjoy it regardless of the operating system of our mobile.

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