What are the best GPS trackers for pets?

If you have a pet, you should know that the need to use GPS locators for pets is growing exponentially, even if we don't want it.

Nowadays it is possible to insert labels in the directions of places in Google Maps or even find restaurants near your location. So why couldn't you use similar technology with your pets?

Every day we pamper dogs and cats that run away or get lost, so you need to have a way to spot them quickly, so we offer you a good selection.

The best GPS trackers for pets

A small selection was made with some devices which can be super functional for identifying those little and very worthy friends.

Therefore, it is recommended to analyze each of the devices and consider what could be the ideal for your needs and for those of your pet.

Eureka Technology MarcoPolo

You can read about this amazing device and determine that it works everywhere, it can work as an individual tool, and the truth does not require GPS or cellular network connection.

You may have already guessed that this device may not meet the claim, but it is a good option considering its ratio quality price.

This device is extremely easy to set up, can be monitored in real time, requires batteries and is fully rechargeable.

This battery can last up to 6 weeks of continuous use, so it's a great option if you have, for example, cats that tend to flee longer distances. And also, it is an alternative to having to use the cell phone as a GPS because it consumes a lot of cell phone battery.

Among the additional features of this device, we can say that it is waterproof, reaches up to 3,2 km, allows you to indicate safety zones.

Invoxia Pet Tracker

A tracking equipment Fairly light GPS and waterproof with activity detection capability, can be used by cats and dogs.

What are the best GPS trackers for pets?

It is important that Sigfox Europe (the developer) coverage exists in the country, they can be used in Spain, all via the Invoxia GPS app.

Has a update every 5-10 seconds and allows you to take a view of the tour, being able to know where the animal has arrived.

GPS Tractive

A fairly simple device, capable of locating your pet for 2-5 days, the battery charges in just two hours, and its platform is updated every 2 to 3 seconds.

You have the option of create safety zones that emit alerts on your Smartphone in case your pet crosses them. In addition, it requires a subscription, with which you can locate your pet in more than 150 countries, it is waterproof and one of its great advantages is that it has no traceability limits.

Muxan GPS locator

Relying on GPS, this fantastic device allows you to locate your pet by logging in through an application or its website, allowing you to make a motion path.

The route update is done every 3 seconds and is linked to Google Maps which is a very positive aspect of these GPS trackers for pets. It has a determination and a notification of safe removal for when the battery is running low and when your pet crosses a safety line.

Search pets Paj GPS

This equipment requires a SIM card to issue its location, a subscription to the service is required to get the location, but it is a very comprehensive tool.

What are the best GPS trackers for pets?

You can find your pet in many conditions, it's waterproof and records the path, being able to know where he went and where he passed.

Its application allows you to keep up with the activity of your pet, know how far he walks and when he has left the safety line.

Why use GPS pet trackers?

The possibility of escaping from animals must be managed, any dog ​​can chase a car or a squirrel and get lost on the way home.

In the case of cats, curiosity is something very dangerous and they can run the risk of chasing other cats or other animals.

Therefore, you need to use this great tool like pet GPS trackers, we hope you can take care of your little ones.

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