How to give something on Instagram: way to have greater reach

How to give something on Instagram: way to have greater reach

Given the official data, the fame of Instagram is already undeniable, which is why more and more brands, companies and companies decide to appear on this social platform. Especially since it already has more than 400 million active members and about 50% of them connect daily, while 30% do it a few times a day. In this post we will tell you how to raffle something on instagram for greater reach.

Well, after brands and companies decide to develop their own strategy to build and activate their community, they can increase their visibility on social networks. But considering this, it will have an impact on increasing the number of followers, improving your brand and the interactions that exist around it.

How to sort something out on Instagram? Tools, contests and more

With strategies, companies focus on implementing tools that allow them to take advantage of Instagram. Whereas this one of the best applies to contests held on the social network, and here we will give you some great tips to learn how to give something on Instagram and promote effective giveaways on Instagram.

Typically, a contest is like a test or competition where several potential customers compete for a prize in one way or another. And for this reason, contests on Instagram have been implemented as a great strategy to capture the attention of the audience and thereby increasing the number of subscribers or followers of a brand's profile.

For this reason, given its effectiveness, the contests held on this social network are becoming an excellent trend in the digital environment and more and more brands, companies and businesses are venturing to use this alternative to attract attention to the social network. However, just throwing a lottery is not enough.

This means that it is important to promote the contest on Instagram in way that it has the widest possible scope and, consequently, in order to be able to achieve the objectives set in the implementation of this strategy.

Although, fortunately, today there are several excellent tools to promote this type of gift, and here we indicate which are the most effective:

1- Marketing dell’influencer

It's a new e powerful marketing strategy, which seeks to carry out certain collaborative links between brands, companies or companies and those users who have a prominent online presence or, in particular, in social networks. Since it is the people who are famous for their huge charisma, authority and prominence in the virtual world.

So, as this type of marketing is good for positioning the brand in the market and in the mind of the consumer, improve SEO ranking, also allows you to get the return on investment (ROI) could also attract the attention of a large audience, it is essential to promote a contest on Instagram.

Therefore, it is convenient to hire an influencer with a lot of power in such a social network to promote your contest. Taking into account that this platform is one of the networks with the highest number of users of this type and, consequently, 88% of brands or companies that have used influencer marketing are very satisfied with carrying out this action.

2- Ads

They are a kind of visual, auditory or audiovisual support whose main purpose is to convey a message centered on a specific idea or fact for promotional purposes. The one on Instagram looks like a visual muse center and has a linear, vivid and simple format.

That is why users of the platform, especially brands and companies, can use all available information about other people to target your advertising to your target audience and thus promote the corresponding extraction through photos, videos, sequences, collections, presentations and even stories.

3- Collaboration

Due to the great increase that influencer marketing has shown, collaborations on Instagram have grown exponentially in recent years and as a result, many brands and companies are choosing to use this tool to advertise. Especially when it comes to promoting or expanding a giveaway so that it has the widest reach.

You should know that collaboration is usually between brands and influencers who will at some point have the same goal of mixing both audiences and thus giving more reach to certain content.

When you want to learn how to give something away on Instagram, you need to know that a collaboration in a contest can give all followers the opportunity to participate and interact with your brand using techniques of «gamification«.

How to promote a giveaway on Instagram like an expert?

Knowing how to draw something on Instagram like a ninja is good for you. In addition to using the tools to promote the contest on Instagram to have great success, it is also important to take into account other important aspects that can make the giveaway one of the most popular on the social network. It is about demonstrating its quality, capturing the attention of users and, undoubtedly, being able to handle them like a real specialist.

Therefore, below we will provide you with some essential tips that will allow you to effectively promote the giveaway on this platform, increase the visibility of your business and attract more subscribers:

1- Make a good brochure (Flyer, Infographic)

It is true that A promotional flyer is a classic element in the marketing world and advertising which is based on the containment of a message through which one wishes to transmit, sell or advertise a product or service of a company, firm or enterprise. That's why it is also used to launch special lotteries through social networks.

Therefore, it is very important create a good flyer based on the giveaway in question to capture the attention of your subscribers (and those who are not) on the platform and thus get them to take action. Taking into account that cleverly, their design is quick and simple, they also display total flexibility and are inexpensive to make.

2- Share on other social networks

As you can see, learning how to raffle something on Instagram isn't complicated. In order for your Instagram giveaway to be more visible, it is advisable to share and/or promote it on other social platforms where your brand is also present. As this will allow you to populate your channels with different and more attractive to the user content, and will also give you more opportunities to participate in such a giveaway.

So don't forget to give away the same prize or service via Facebook, for example, pointing out to users that they also have a chance to win if they participate via their Instagram account. It's also important to advertise the giveaway on your website or blog to get more reach.

3- Launch an advertising campaign

As mentioned above, one of the best methods for promote a contest on Instagram, given its high effectiveness, is based on making itself known through ads relevant to the platform. Therefore, it's good if you focus on launching an advertising campaign.

Therefore, the social network allows you to create premium advertising messages which have several characteristics similar to those of Facebook to carry out really valid advertising campaigns.

Furthermore, it should be noted that it provides tools for detailed segmentation of the audience to which the advertising campaign is directed and also offers the possibility of measuring the impact of this campaign. This is done to increase your giveaway and reach your key audience at the same time.

4- Insert a link to the contest in your bio

Although unfortunately this social network does not offer the possibility of publishing URLs or links in posts or comments, the truth is that you can add links in the description of your bio that correspond to your profile. Therefore, we suggest that you use this space to include a link to your contest.

This way you can offer additional information about the draw in question to all your users and also to all who visit your account. Also, this alternative can be useful to give access to the photo gallery of the contest or to highlight the legal basis of the contest to create more credibility.

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5- Consider a "co-brand" promotion.

Cobranding is the term that designates a marketing strategy that involves the alliance between two or more brands, strategically and jointly, to be used in a single product or service. So, to increase the distribution of your giveaway on Instagram, you can create these alliances with the goal of having different brands become promoters of the campaign.

Thus, each brand will pull a prize among all of its users so that the different audiences come together as one unit and help increase your promotion. With that in mind, the competition will be distributed on different Instagram profiles and you will undoubtedly get better coverage.

6- Provides information on the status of the contest

To increase the visibility of your contest on Instagram, you should know that it is important to constantly provide information about the status of the contest and make reminders. As this option will allow you to keep it always on to attract new users on a daily basis.

For this reason, you can publish a post in one of the last days of the giveaway to establish a sort of alert that attracts users so they don't miss the opportunity to participate. Also, you can upload «stories» remembering the relevant data about the competition (prize, deadline, among other things.). All this to keep the attention of your subscribers.

7- Participation requirements

Typically, entry requirements relate to leaving a comment or mention to enter the contest listing. These are effective to get the viralization of publication in a short time, and for this reason it is important that you use them when making free giveaways on the platform.

Consequently, among the rules of your contest, you must make these requirements mandatory, both by leaving a comment on the giveaway post with a specific hashtag or text and also by mentioning several friends in said comment to gather a wider audience in the post . To this end, it is appropriate to mention only three accounts (5 may be too many).

8- Use the hashtag #raffle in your post

It is no secret that in social networks, hashtags or labels are the basic elements for massively disseminating content in a short time and thus helping to disseminate specific information about a brand to optimize its online positioning. The reason is that they are ideal for use in promotions and competitions.

That's why, if you decide to use the hashtag #giveaway in your Instagram contest, you will have the opportunity to strengthen the important connection between your brand and your potential customers, which will effortlessly influence more users. So don't hesitate to take advantage of this kindness to spread the gift in different post lists.

9- Keep track of users who have already participated

Another good solution to celebrate the success of a giveaway on this social network is to carry out a series of daily management activities, so that in addition to answering questions from users interested in participating, users who have already participated are followed up. This is done to retain those subscribers and try to build a strong connection between them and your brand.

So when each person participates in your Instagram giveaway, you can thank them for their intervention and even carry out personalized interactions to make a positive impact on each of those users. You can do this by uploading photos to your Stories, mentioning said people's accounts, or replying to each of the comments received in the giveaway without causing spam.

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