How to report a fake account on Instagram

How to report a fake account on Instagram

In general, people use social networks as a means of dissemination to communicate some things that they want to convey to their contacts, as well as to interact with them, share and interact according to the correct protocols or lines of service or network policies. is used. Now, like everything in life, there are exceptions to the rule, and on the Instagram social network there are people (fortunately few) who make improper use of this service, thus damaging or causing more than one problem to one or more people. .

Just one of these little big problems are the fake accounts on Instagram that create certain "subjects" with sometimes very clear objectives and others rather uncertain and which can annoy or even cause a lot of damage ... For this reason, the Instagram social network has enabled a precious mechanism to report or report a fake profile on Instagram and thus, said account can be closed and a safe environment is preserved on this social platform. Here, in Practical Resources, we indicate the process you need to follow in order to be able report a fake account on Instagram.

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Report account on Instagram | Clarification

Now, before explaining the procedure for filing a complaint about a fake account on Instagram, it must be said that those concerned proceed in a serious and responsible manner, since the improper use of this type of service can hinder or slow down support for the people they really have this issue and request that the issue be resolved promptly. With that said, let's get into the action!

Well, there are 2 ways/options to report fake account to Instagram support team. One of them is for those who they don't have an Instagram account and the other is for those who have an Instagram account and we will describe both processes below.

How to report a fake Instagram account without having an account

For all the people who don't have an Instagram profile, they should go to This Page and then, they will have to mark or cross out one of the 3 answers that appear before the question Which of the following options best describes your situation? and certainly, the answer they will mark will be the most suitable for the problem they will have to face.

  • If you marked: Someone has created an account for my company or organization You will see text below that says: If you believe this account infringes your intellectual property rights, learn how to report this and you should follow the link.

Then, an Instagram page will open and they will click: Learn more about reporting copyright infringement.

Then, on the new page, they will click on Fill out this form and will proceed to issue the complaint.

If so, you've chosen: Someone created an account pretending to be me or a friend. The question will appear: do you have an instagram account? and must be answered by ticking a » yes » or a » no «.

In the case of a «Yup«, they will show you a link where they will explain how to issue the complaint from your account and in another case of » No. «, they will ask you this: Is this account impersonating you? You must answer and follow the indicated procedure.

  • If you marked: Someone created an account pretending to be someone I represent (e.g. my child)  a form will appear that must be filled in correctly and clearly and finally, click on the button » Send » so that Instagram support can verify it and take the correct action in case.

How to report a fake account with an Instagram account

Logically, the first thing they should do is log into their Instagram user account and then go or enter that fake profile or user account and then, to signal that they will have to:

Tap the 3 dots » ... » for iOS or “» » for Android which are displayed in the upper right corner of the profile.

Next, they'll select or tap: Report.

Then, they will follow the instructions which are shown on the screen as they are and can finally issue the respective complaint and it will be the Instagram team to take the actions which are warranted in the case of that allegedly fake Instagram account.

Finally, it should be noted that Instagram takes the issue of security very seriously and in the event that a complaint is made, all the necessary information must be provided so that this situation is more than clear or demonstrated and that action can be taken promptly and with certainty.

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