How to unlink two Instagram accounts quickly and easily

How to unlink two Instagram accounts quickly and easily

Instagram has millions of users worldwide, even if the figures should not deceive us, surely you are one of those users who have more than one account, one for personal publications and the other for gossip…

Many people have linked multiple accounts, professional or personal, into one. The popular social network also allows connection between different people, but this is only recommended in joint professional accounts or accounts of friends or partners with high trust.

Linking an Instagram account offers some benefits, such as the convenience of managing a business from different devices without having to sync the account. Sometimes the work project may not go well or the trust needed to share an account (sharing personal data, private images, videos, etc.) in the end is not so much. In this case, it's best to unlink the Instagram account to avoid future problems.

Is it possible to unlink two Instagram accounts? 2022

In answer to the question, it is possible unlink two Instagram accounts. In fact, it is a process that anyone can do because it is quite simple to know a series of steps that we will teach you.

The best thing about being able to unlink two Instagram accounts is that all the steps to follow can be done from the application itself. It is a very convenient process because there is no need to resort to third-party applications or change settings external to the application inside the device.

How to unlink two instagram accounts step by step 2022

The process for  unlink two Instagram accounts  it is relatively simple and fast, to do it you just have to follow the steps that we will show you below.

If something fails with this social network, it is that the settings are not as intuitive and simple as they should be, sometimes so far-fetched that it can take hours to find them, which is the case with unlinking two Instagram accounts.

The social network doesn't specifically show an option to unlink accounts, so you'll need to access several tabs to get there. First open the Instagram account on the device you want to be able to unlink, it doesn't matter if it's a mobile or a computer because it doesn't connect directly with the devices but with different accounts.

After that, go to  account settings, a drop-down menu will open with more options and you will have to choose «security». Within this section you will have to press «saved login details», to disconnect the account you will have to deactivate the password reminder.

You will also have to go to the «login information» section and click on the three dots at the top, then you just have to click on «delete». This way, the secondary account that was linked to the first account you will not see when you log in or not to this social network, i.e. you will not receive a notification that the account has been opened on x device.

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How to Unlink Multiple Instagram Accounts While Keeping Both Accounts 2022

You may want to unlink your Instagram accounts, but you want to  keep both accounts active. To achieve this, you just have to create a new password for the secondary account you have decided to unlink and this account will be automatically and permanently unlinked from the main account.

After unlinking several Instagram accounts while keeping both accounts, you can check how now you can log into both accounts with different users. You are now connected independently and the accounts will have nothing to do with each other.

How to unlink an Instagram account from another linked social network 2022

It is possible that you have  connected Instagram with another account of another social network in  so that logging into either of these two accounts is much quicker and easier. This can apparently be beneficial, except for things like forgetting the password of the account you've linked, or having problems with the security of one account, and it can affect another.

Unlink a social network from Instagram  can be used to stop sharing Instagram information with another social network, so that your users know about the activity of these two social networks at the same time, or the data is shared as publications at the same time.

Instagram belongs to the Facebook communication group and it is very common that it is linked to this social network, it can also be linked to Twitter, and in less cases to Tumblr. If you regret linking multiple accounts from other social networks, here are the steps to follow to unlink them:

First open the Instagram application and go to the three horizontal dots at the top, this will open a drop down menu and you will need to click on  "Settings". In the latest versions of the application you can also do this from your profile photo icon at the bottom right, and there you go to the settings (the icon similar to a nut or gear).

Inside the configuration go to  «account», there you will see various options and you have to click on  «linked accounts». You will now be able to see all the accounts you have linked from other social networks with that Instagram account, you just have to choose the name of the site you want to unlink.

Then click  "unlink account"  if you are using an iOS operating system or simply «unlink» for Android. Finally, a tab will open asking you if you want to unlink the accounts, just indicate "yes" and you will have already unlinked the Instagram account from another account on another social network.

  reconnect the Instagram account with another social network, you may need to go to the social network settings and previously disconnect the old connection and be able to create a new one. In case you are clear that you do not want to link the accounts again, the process would have already finished.

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