How to use Telegram on Android from Google Chrome

How to use Telegram on Android from Google Chrome

Do you have a low-end phone and don't like installing more apps than you need? You know it's possible use Telegram on Android from Google Chrome without having to install the app? In this The Power Of The Green Android article you will learn how to use Telegram as a progressive web application, all well explained step by step.

What is a Progressive Web Application and what is it for?

An application progressive web (also known as PWA) is an application generated through the web format built under the language of Javascript, CSS e HTML. This type of application allows you to use mobile apps in web format, saving resources and space.

How to use Telegram without installing the application

use Telegram from Google Chrome on Android or iOS, the first thing we have to do is enter the official site of its progressive web application with our Smartphone from the following link:

  2. So to facilitate access we must create direct access to the desktop of our phone, for this we will give the 3 vertical lines at top right of our mobile browser.

A menu will open on the right with many options, but the only one that interests us to create direct access to a web page on the mobile is "Add to home screen".

We will see how a pop-up menu appears in the center of the screen which will ask us if we want to add Telegram at the start, we will click on "Add".

How to use Telegram without installing the app

Finally, we just have to enter our phone number linked to our Telegram account and click on "Forward" to receive the verification code.

This way we can use a lightweight version of Telegram in the Google Chrome app ideal for mobile phones a low income.

If you have a problem with this tutorial you can always leave me a comment, I will try to answer your question as soon as possible. Don't forget that your support on social networks is very important for me to continue creating this type of content. Thank you very much!

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