Instagram shadowban: what it is and how to avoid it

Instagram shadowban: what it is and how to avoid it

This is probably the first time you've heard of it on Shadowban's Instagram, a procedure of which we will give you all the details to avoid it in the future, because we anticipate that it is not exactly a process that you want to go through.

It is something you should be aware of, especially if you have an account with many followers, i.e. if you are very active on Instagram and trending on Instagram, you should take this into account because it is perhaps the type of user who is most affected by the Instagram Shadowban.

Also called shadowbanning, it is a procedure that the social network initiates against certain profiles for prevent their content from appearing to your followers, i.e. the publications are done correctly, but do not have the visibility they should have.

Therefore, may not appear in news feeds, putting some sort of hashtag on it you may not see it in hashtag searches and so on other sites. Basically what is being reduced is the visibility of all that content, something that can be harmful.

It is not a process that Instagram applies to all profiles, but to those who, for example, do not respect the rules of use of the social network, who do not have good practices in their profiles and for other reasons. It is often difficult to realize that they have been Shadowbanned.

The fact that your content isn't showing as much on Instagram doesn't always mean that it's due to a Shadowban that has been applied to you, but rather that it could be a change in the algorithm of the social network itself that has caused another type to be more relevant now of different or similar content to yours.

You will not notice if your account may be shadowbanned, but you may start to notice in a short period of time that your content is no longer as engaging as it once was, likes, views, and other suspects.

Without the ability to know if you officially have a Shadownban on your profile, the best thing you can do to avoid it in the future or even remove it if you suspect you have it is to follow a series of very simple and basic tips which we now recommend.

Do not exceed Instagram limits

In case you don't know, there are gods the limits are Instagram which you should not exceed and could become one of the main reasons why the social network applies Shadowban profiles. Basically they consist of performing basic actions, but in a massive way.

Giving many likes, uploading many stories, mass unfollowing with external tools and other things can be detected as inappropriate actions on Instagram, so use the social network sparingly and without overdoing all these activities.

Don't gain followers with bad practices

If your goal is to gain new followers at all costs, keep in mind that you will have to work hard to get them little by little. avoid using bots and other types of bad practices because they could lead to a shadowban, so avoid those possibilities.

Getting followers on Instagram is not an easy task, because you have to publish quality content, with a certain frequency and that your followers notice you, it is not easy, but if you insist you will surely get your reward.

Publish the right content

Another thing to avoid on Instagram to avoid shadowban is posting of inappropriate content. There are some types of banned posts on Facebook, like nudes, for example, but they're not the only ones that are restricted.

Once or twice you get it wrong nothing will happen, but if you keep up this practice over time you can end up with temporary bans on Instagram in the best case, disabling your account and even a shadowban.

Do not use prohibited hashtags

There are some types of hashtag vietati su Instagram, which means that posts containing them do not appear in hashtag search. They change from time to time and there is no official list for users to consult, but it depends on the complaints received.

In other words, affected hashtags that have been banned are usually used in publications reported by users, thus violating the social network's regulations. Therefore, when someone uses them, their content will no longer appear in search.

It's better use appropriate hashtags, the list of those that are prohibited or that can at least affect the visibility of your content if you use them, change over time and it may happen that the correct one, within 2 months it will no longer be correct to use it.

Also, when you get complaints from other people about your content, it can also be one of the reasons why you might be disqualified, so you should be aware of that.

There are many others reasons that could cause your account to be shadowbannedIn fact, they could be comparable to the circumstances that lead Instagram to block your account so that you cannot use it for a certain time.

You may also come across errors when you post or interact on the social network, like the message warning you to try again later that resurfaced in the past few days, but this error shouldn't refer to bad Instagram practices.

Since that there's no way to know when your Instagram account might be blacked out, it is best to prevent this from happening in the future by following the best practice tips above so that your content is good and has visibility, which after all is what it is about your content being of quality, relevant and of interest to others people.

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