Practical tips to fix the "TIKTOK has stopped" error

Tik Tok is an application through which the user can create, edit and share brevi video through the use of filters, stickers, music, sounds, emojis, all this through the comfort of their smartphone, these videos seek to promote the creativity of their users and allow them to have fun, laugh, learn and connect with each other.

In the last year the app has gained great popularity thus surpassing the 2 million downloads worldwide, currently you can find short videos of dances, comedies, beauty, makeup, fashion, sports, animals, among others, in fact the application is able to present the user with a selection of videos according to their tastes, it is as easy as start using it to start recognition.

The app allows the user to record, add their own sound or use existing sounds, make speed changes, add filters, words and even their own favorite music, organized in playlists with all kinds of genres ranging from rock to trap.

How to know if TikTok is crashing or idle

There are many ways to know that our application is failing, as well as there are different types of errors, today we will focus on the error "TikTok has stopped", this error is quite common, as it usually happens when a phone is not in the right condition to support a certain number of installed applications. Which causes the application to stop and exit automatically, sometimes even after getting a black screen.

When TikTok fails, it is imperative to determine if it is our phone that is not working or if it is a general application failure, usually when this happens, just go to Twitter, search for "TikTok" and see if there are other users who are talking about it. There are also several software that allows you to know the failures this application has had in the last 24 hours.

Once you have determined if the fault is with your phone (or not), you can proceed to choose the necessary solution. In general, we will have more control over the situation if it is an internal failure of our telephone, since if it is a general failure of the application, we will have to wait for it to be resolved.

Possible solutions to "TikTok has stopped"

Tik tok is a very stable application, which has rarely crashed or crashed anywhere in the world, its latest version is 18.9.5 which was released on April 3, 2021 with a download size of 64,40MB; This is all important to take into consideration because the application can sometimes crash.

When TikTok stops it can be for several reasons, the most common being that the downloaded version is not up to date, the solution to this problem is really quick and easy, you just need to go to the Play Store and download the latest update (this is the one mentioned above, 18.9.5).

Practical tips to fix the

Free RAM memory

Many of the errors that we can find in the operation of almost any application they are directly related to the phone's RAM memory and there are applications whose RAM demand is greater than the capacity of the phone itself, so the phone itself tends to try too hard to the point that you stop responding.

A RAM failure can be an indication that something is wrong with your phone, so if for some reason you tend to get this error repeatedly on your device, you will probably need to clean your RAM, deleting applications, caches, images, videos, etc.

There is also the possibility that the your phone is channeling its RAM unnecessarily, whether by having active applications without the need, having wallpapers with animations, etc. Make sure your phone's RAM consumption is adequate.

Update Tik Tok

Sometimes the problem is simply updating your app, since you may have a fairly old version of the application and it's time for you to change it. Updating your TikTok is as simple as entering the Google Play Store, searching for "TikTok" and selecting the "Update" option if it is available and requires an update. If after updating the application the problem persists, it is probably another cause of the error.

Practical tips to fix the

Restart your mobile

This is one of the most used solutions in the world, whether it is very effective or not, it is the equivalent in telephony, of blowing up a Nintendo tape or a USB port so that it works, I don't know exactly if it really is getting something. , but you still do.

In case of restart of the mobile phone, this means a total termination of all applications, so that they can subsequently restart their functions. In the case of TikTok, you can try to restart your mobile if this application does not work, but keep in mind that this "technique" will be logical to use it only once, since if when you restart your mobile, the application still does not respond , that's probably not the solution.

Uninstall TikTok

Another fairly applied solution for this type of situation is to uninstall the application, to reinstall it later, this means that if there was an error with our application, while uninstalling and reinstalling, it will disappear, it is logical, don't you think ?, there are times when this solution also does not work, in this case, the problem will be a lot probably just your device and it won't be a fault that we can fix that easily.

The cache of TikTok

Another more common cause than it seems is that the application cache has a large amount of stored data and it must be deleted, the solution to this problem is a little more complicated, you must first go to the phone settings, then select «applications and notifications« Once there you will find a list of applications found on your smartphone, select TikTok.

Practical tips to fix the

Once you have selected the app, you will see a menu with some options, among these you have to select the one called "storage", now you just have to select "clear cache" and that's it.

Clearing or clearing your device's cache memory will only delete transient application data that may have caused a saturation and caused the crash or the malfunction of TikTok, it is important to note that doing this procedure does not delete your account, much less.

Other possible causes

It is possible that the problem is also due to the fact that you have a large number of applications open or running in the background, this consumes the ram memory of the phone and can cause not only TikTok but other applications to crash and not working, just to fix it you have to close those applications or even use a Ram accelerator.

Today many smartphones already have built-in RAM acceleration tools, but not all phones have it. If your phone doesn't have the RAM acceleration tool, what you can do is speed up your RAM from your Android device. So you can quickly solve your problem, not only with this App, but with the others that have errors.

If what you want is an extremely quick and simple solution, you can try restart the phone, thus allowing a respite from being able to start over with the application you want, this doesn't take long and could really fix the problem.

Practical tips to fix the

All these solutions can be applied whether you have an Android or iOS device, remember that the application is available in the Play Store or the App Store of both operating systems.

Applications like Tik Tok were designed for entertain its users, inspire them to try new things and invite them to be part of a large community; millions of talented creators are waiting for you to join them, that's why we invite you to try the application and in case of failure you already have the solution.

How to avoid getting the "TikTok has stopped" error again

If you have managed to resolve bankruptcy once, it makes sense to think that you don't want to have it back. If the error was in your phone and not the TikTok system, as such, you will have to attack the problem at the root, that is; If what you were presenting was a RAM failure, we recommend that you clean your RAM card, clear all cache and reduce the consumption of this element a bit.

Having solved the RAM problem, a great way to avoid reoccurring this type of failure is restart our factory phone, obviously creating the respective backups of your information. With the RAM a bit cleaner and the phone factory reset, the chances are that you won't see this error again, at least not for a while.

If the error persists, it is very likely that you will have to change phones, as if your device has these types of faults with this application, it is possible that it will present them with others and even with its operation in general. It never hurts to update our devices.

Practical tips to fix the

Why doesn't TikTok let me play videos?

First what we will need to look into our internet connection, as usually this type of problem occurs due to a bad or non-existent internet connection, once we have verified this detail, we can determine the extent of the problem, since if the connection is fine, but TikTok still does not play the videos, we may be faced with different situations. 

The first situation is that there is a possibility that TikTok and its servers are down or under maintenance, this case is quite unlikely. Another problem could be that the your device does not have enough memory to be able to play multimedia content, this happens a lot when phones are low-end, don't have a lot of memory or RAM.

How does it affect the TikTok cache

The TikTok cache, like any type of cache, negatively affects the functioning of our cell phones, as to begin with, they hinder the functioning of RAM, take away storage space, fill the application's search history, etc. It is important to constantly delete the cache of our devices, in order to obtain a more optimal functioning of the same.

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