Solution: "You are not old enough to use Instagram" - What is the minimum age?

Instagram is a popular social network, which consists of sharing photos. This social network asks new users to confirm that they are at least 13 years old to be able to sign up.

 This social network is very broad and difficult to control, although there are some tools to allow the minor not to access the contents due. All countries have regulations, regulations and laws to control social media.

For example, Spain controls under the law on the protection of personal data and the fixed age is 14 years. In such a way that under 14 the authorization of the father and mother or guardians is required.

According to the World Health Organization, adolescence begins at the age of 10 with puberty and continues until the age of 19. In recent years, the use of social networks like instaran has increased in users by 14 years.

What is the minimum age to use Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular social network all over the world, this social network will comply with an American law and its policies which require that the minimum age of the user be of 13 years, i.e. it prevents users under the age of 13 from checking in. 


This Instagram ad is of the utmost importance as it helps the safety of today's youth. In the world there are people who they create fake profiles to deceive minors. There are social networks for minors such as YouTube Kids. Parents must educate, that is, to control and monitor minors.

What are the problems that a minor can encounter on the network?

Since the networks they do not have exhaustive control, encounters any kind of danger, access to content that may be inappropriate, or that the access or content is for persons over the age of 18.

Instagram strengthens low self-esteem, that is, this group is exposed to beauty models and the perfection with which they identify and manage to imitate and when they do not, they often exhibit symptoms of anxiety and even depression.

Also, Instagram dictates fashion, vanity and exhibitionism, that is, 80% of the photos that are uploaded to Instagram by young people between 14 and 19 are selfies with which they try to get more followers, without realizing that young people upload photos that fall into exhibitionism.

Instagram also exposes privacy, i.e. Instagram us offers multiple functions like taking photos, uploading videos, broadcasting live on Instagram and even interacting with different people, however teens expose their safety and integrity by talking to strangers, sharing your personal data and your location.

As well as Instagram creates also a false identity, in this phase of life young people are forming their own identity, the exaggerated use of effects and filters allows adolescents to distort the image they have of themselves trying to reach the perfection that does not exist.

Advice to parents of children aged 10 to 14 to use the networks

It is important that the parents have passwords of their children's social networks in order to regulate their contents and also to be able to control or limit the hours of use. 


 Also keep a private profile, you only have followers you really know or hide from the people I follow on Instagram.

 Parents should warn or guide their children in case of loading photo inappropriate. In addition to being aware of creating an account on Instagram if the platform does not leave it.

Besides develop a bond trust with their children and in this way they can guide them between what is right and what is wrong. Also, tell your child that there is time for everything, to go slow and the time will come for everything.

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