You can know who viewed my photos on Instagram

You can know who viewed my photos on Instagram

Without a doubt, Instagram has positioned itself as one of the favorite social networks to interact and share life with other people by posting beautiful photographs, short videos and even nice GIFs praising and telling about the particular day, dreams, aspirations. or different things that are moving and worth sharing on this social platform.

Certainly, under the wing of this great popularity that Instagram is gathering, the most disparate concerns and questions arise from the community of users who want to know certain things in order to make the most of Instagram and make the most of it. Now, to the growing interest of these questions, real "fats" appear who are supposed to offer to satisfy such a specific request, somehow managing to capture many curious people and play a joke on us and which we will analyze below.

Can you find out who viewed my photos on Instagram? | The truth

The social network Instagram is owned by Facebook and, of course, has a team of highly trained and competent interdisciplinary professionals who have made possible a truly attractive project with a serious and related service, it should be noted that until now, they have not communicated or informed of any service or resource that could allow you to see visits on Instagram and, in this way, any type of program or application advertised and that promises this purpose is absolutely a lie.

Well, to clarify things even more… The Instagram team or managers are the only ones who can decide to offer or insert a specific service to the community of users of this social network and, logically, they would do it officially from Instagram and not beyond outside of this, as they have always done with all the updates and resources that have been incorporated and it is so -under this clarification-, that they do not require any intermediary or third party (programs, apps or other) to provide a service where in this case you can see the visits you have had on the Instagram profile.

Deceptive apps to see who views an Instagram profile.

That's why, since Practical resources, we inform you that any service that offers the possibility of seeing visits on the Instagram profile is duly fake and, moreover, a deplorable scam that can cost a user dearly… So far, some applications have appeared, such as the cases of » InstAgent «, » Instadetector » or » Who cares about me » that offered exactly, being able to see who visits the profile on Instagram being scams that were discovered shortly after, reported and eliminated but who have injured some Instagram users who have fallen.

See visits from my Instagram | Trick

Now, we don't want to leave those Instagram users with a bad taste in their mouths who somehow wanted to discover a way to know who views their profiles on Instagram and for this we can tell you about something that can be a consolation prize for the information already given.

For some time now, Instagram has added an interesting and picturesque feature which is precisely that of giving users the possibility of creating stories. Well, in a story you can create a video by adding photos and videos which you think are interesting and also you can write and draw on them as well as give them some effect and then create a great story which once you post, followers will be able to see it in next 24 hours.

So here comes the interesting part… Using Instagram Story you can first see the number of people who have seen it and then -if you click right there-, it will open a tab where you can see all those people who have seen it. the video and with it you will be able to know who visits your Instagram profile or, more precisely, who has seen that video.

Instagram photo credit.

Note no. 1 | Finally, it goes without saying that you should be very careful with the applications you want to download, review and check if the download site is reliable, as well as investigate more information in other sources of this service added to other people's comments and opinions and finally, be careful not to be the first to download a new application or program.

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