10 alternative filter apps to Snapchat

10 alternative filter apps to Snapchat

Snapchat is the renowned application that has emerged at the forefront of the news thanks to its innovative system of publishing content through "snaps" which consist of a vertical publication of limited duration. Other apps and social networks like Instagram and WhatsApp have also copied this feature and adapted it to their platforms. However , the impact would come with its creative animated filters, which allow you to make changes to your face digitally and in real time. But if you don't have one, we show you 10 alternative filter apps to Snapchat.

Popular filters have also evolved and now they are not a photo editor that changes the color or overlays of each image, but rather add various animated vector overlays to people's face through the camera, which allows you to "upload" and add some changes to the features, such as large, watery eyes, dog or fox ears, a rabbit nose or extravagant hats, for example.

However, you may not have Snapchat or your phone may not support the filters feature. For this reason, come on Aplicacionspara.org we decided to search stores like Google Play for alternative apps to Snapchat, so that you can enjoy the fabulous benefit of fun motion animations and thus have your fun experience. This is our TOP 10 best filter apps like Snapchat.             


10. Beauty Camera – Face Filters, Selfie Editor  

Perhaps one of the most complete applications for alternative filters to Snapchat, this application will allow you to make spectacular adjustments using the best filters. Face Filters uses your camera and facial recognition technology to make your face different through real-time animations. You can look like a dog sticking out its tongue or a bunny smiling and eating carrots, just like Snapchat.

On the other hand, these functions are not the only ones in this fantastic package. Face Filters lets you edit and edit your own custom filters, swap your face with a friend, a stuffed animal, or any other object with a face, and even create creative makeup looks using the app as a digital makeup artist. Don't let them tell you and download it now!

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9. Filters for Snapchat

If you want an experience more similar to that of the popular Snapchat, you will like this application. Filters for Snapchat is an app that will allow you to enjoy a series of characteristic filters, being able to choose between animal factions such as dogs, cats, rabbits, wolves, foxes, and get other details such as moving ears, floating hearts, protruding tongues and much more even more.

It should be noted that Filters for Snapchat is ideal for those looking for alternative filter applications to Snapchat because not only is it similar in usability to the yellow ghost application, but also the recordings and quality of the animations and filters are highlighted in high definition , so you don't miss anything going up. Also, the usage time is unlimited as an added plus.

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8. Sweet snap

Apps that fall under the all-in-one camp are the most used by users and Sweet Snap falls under their classification. With it you can use a number of creative and fun filters to bring your videos to life, modifying your face and adding details around or on it, including animated stickers so you don't have a traditional static sticker, but a moving sticker and enrich your life. your production.

On the other hand, Sweet Snapch stands out among the alternative filter apps to Snapchat because it becomes a complete makeup box. Use bleach to beautify your face. Take advantage of the remove marks to hide those physical details that you don't like. Change features such as eyebrows and ears thanks to different animated and custom filters, among other qualities.

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7. Front camera

Combining two possibilities in one application is an advantage and Face Camera knows it. With it you will be able to use its large catalog of filters so that you can become a meowing cat with long furry ears. Or maybe you prefer to be a clown with thousands of details and colorful animations to show in your videos, or congratulate a friend on his birthday. rainbow vomit filter is also available!

But it is also possible to find, as a second instance, the animated stickers included in the package. If it is true that Snapchat offers a significant amount of fun and customizable stickers, Face Camera stands out among the applications for alternative filters to Snapchat because it offers you the best animated stickers to give a different touch to your Gifs, or to excite in your videos.

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6. Heart camera

Stickers fans will surely love this app. Heart Camera is an application to add custom filters in sticker format through the images stored in your gallery. If you need to do more editing and you don't like Snapchat's live filters, you can just use a photo from your gallery and start creating the funniest HD arts.

Among the available stickers we find those of a dog, which include ears, collar and protruding tongue. The cat ones, who are in a pack with claws, furry ears and scratches on the screen. But, the most important thing, are the hearts! Many of these stickers are based on the hearts of Snapchat alternative filter apps and you are sure to love it!

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5. Face Swap

To give an app a chance, it has to be good enough and fun! And Face Swap meets those requirements. With it, you can create various funny faces and turn into a puppy, have flower crowns, change your face shape, and swap faces and features with any friends you want, thanks to real-time facial recognition technology.

Face Swap also comes in a complete package, which includes a photo editor to accommodate those filter details you didn't like, editing a text, adding a message or drawing over it, of course. You just need to take your respective picture, choose the best filter you like and add some custom stickers to give your images another touch, functional among Snapchat alternative filter apps

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4. Face change videos

Face swapping through funny videos might become your favorite pastime and you won't know it until you download this app. Face Changer video is an app that will allow you to change your face through a series of filters, which consist in modifying certain features of your face to give it an unrealistic touch, Annoying Orange style, and very similar to those that filter applications Alternatives to Snapchat includes.

It is, in this sense, that you will be able to use a number of options, such as animal masks, which include filters for live animals, some spooky skeletons and the like. You will also find the face swap option, with which you can superimpose a friend's face on your face and look like them. Yes, it will be a super weird experience but also a lot of fun, no doubt about it.

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3. Clip effects and filters

Some of the Snapchat alternative filter apps don't have the signature snap filters, which you can find with this app. Snap Effects is ideal for enjoying those classic face changes, such as rainbow vomit, cute animal filters, those with big, teary, exaggerated anime eyes, and of course, those that enhance your cute facial features.

On the other hand, Snap effects include a significant number of new features, such as animated stickers, so you can create super creative gifs. That of emojis, to add those stickers of yellow emotions, or simply, modify your photos by adding some physical touches, change of appearance, add text or change the face, depending on your tastes and desires.

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2. Snap Face Snap Face Filters

Another functional app for sticker filters on your photos is Snap Face. With the app, you'll be able to become any animal you want through the different stickers available in its gallery, which includes more than 100 options so you won't be limited in your arts. To use them you just have to drag and place them in the right place on your face, adding features and fantastic physical details.

Meanwhile, with Snap Face you will also be able to add edits and touch-ups to enhance your images, which becomes a major advantage among Snapchat alternative filter apps because it allows you to make the necessary and desired changes by the user without resorting to a other external app, nor fill the storage memory of your smartphone.

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1. Snap Filters Effects and Stickers

Who says it's not possible to add floating accessories to our device's camera? Snap Filters denies it. Very prominent among the applications for alternative filters to Snapchat, with this app you'll be ready to add touches to your face and give it a fresh, fun and perhaps jovial look, because by taking advantage of the various filters available, you can do a lot and a little more.

It should be noted that, among the available filters, we find cartoon ones, which transform your face into a cartoon caricature, making your eyes grow, your lips widening or your nose smaller. In addition, you will also find some fun stickers and stickers, such as glasses to add a digital detail to your outfit of the moment, or blush changes.

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In short, with each of these applications for alternative filters to Snapchat, we will be able to recreate our creative editions without having to resort to the ghost app. And it is that, many times, the filter functions are not available in some smartphone devices, either because they are a bit outdated, or simply because the hardware specifications do not support the face detection functionality via the camera.

But that is no longer a problem, because for this purpose, substitutes and not inconsiderable applications for alternative filters to Snapchat have appeared. Get ready to become a cute little animal that sticks out its tongue and moves its ears; to get the face of a friend, family member or your favorite famous artist through an image stored on your phone. Even simply to add personalized stickers and figurines, mobile or static.

And since we love to offer you the best applications that we find in stores, we have decided to show you our review so that you can choose between ten complete and not negligible options. Perhaps some are more suitable for you due to their functions or offers, but you will certainly like all of them. We invite you to take a look at each one. This was ours TOP 10 best Snapchat alternative filter apps.


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