How to delete Snapchat memories fast and easy with this guide

If I clear the cache, are my Snapchat memories cleared?

The hiding-place is responsible for the temporary files of an application, so if we delete it we don't delete any permanent chats, photos or documents. For whatever reason, there are situations where we need to clear our cache memory.

However, many Snapchat users are wondering: Does clearing the cache clear my memories? This is why the answer is no. As we have already said, this will not delete the chats and many permanent things like Snapchat memories. Then we can proceed to air our phone by deleting these temporary files.

How to delete Snapchat memories fast and easy with this guide

Where are my memories if they don't load or appear?

Some users have trouble loading or viewing their memories. This can happen for a variety of reasons, so let's see which directions they are likely to be in, as well as other solutions to this problem.

  • First we must be sure that we have downloaded the latest version of Snapchat, since if we don't have it, it is possible that the error has been fixed in the latest version of this application.
  • If we have our phone with the latest version, we can try clearing the cache. By eliminating it we free up some space on our phone, making it work better. In some cases we will have to repeat this process a couple of times.

What to do if I am missing some memories on Snapchat?

If we have already tried the above steps, but they still don't appear, it is very likely that were not in the backup. This backup is critical to keeping our memories in the cloud, so if we don't have or haven't created one, this memory is already lost.

We advise you to make a weekly backup, since it is the most recommended and practical, leaving everything in the cloud of our Snapchat and without being annoying to the user.

How to delete all memories from Snapchat easily

Since we have seen where the memories even if they do not appear, it is important to know how we can delete our memories from Snapchat. Each person will have their own reason for getting rid of this digital record, which fortunately we can do quickly and easily.

  • First we need to go into Snapchat and locate where all our memories are.
  • Now, let's proceed to hold with the finger until a circle appears in the top corner.
  • Let's start selecting all the memories we want, being able to choose them all at once.
  • Once we have ready which ones we will delete among all our memories, we have to click on the trash can symbol located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Finally, it is important to know that we cannot recover them if we agree to delete them, so part of the process is knowing what memories we're going to erase.

How to delete Snapchat memories fast and easy with this guide

What happens to my memories if I uninstall Snapchat and reinstall it?

Tutto it depends on whether we can back it up or not. In a first scenario where we were able to make a backup, we will have all the memories we had on our Snapchat at that time, so if this is our case, installing Snapchat again will not erase the memories.

On the other hand, in a second scenario where we didn't make a backup, all our memories outside of this backup will be deleted. To avoid this we have two solutions:

  • Back up in time to save your memories in case we want to.
  • Download the memories one by one, this way we store them on our phone and we don't lose them when we delete the application. The latter is the ideal if we never want to join Snapchat again, as we don't depend on the app to have these photos or videos.

How to delete the memory history on my Snapchat account

The first thing we have to to do is download Snapchat on our device and go to our account and log in. After that go to your profile and then click on the gear that appears located on the right side of the device screen.

There a menu will appear in which it will show us all the settings available for our account. There in the 'Privacy' option we click on 'Clear history' tab  and voila with these simple steps we will delete the history of our account.

Also, to prevent Snapchat memories from being stored in our gallery, we can disable this option. To configure this option, click » settings »in the tab that says« memories ». 

How to delete Snapchat memories fast and easy with this guide

And then click on 'Save to'  there we select only the memories, which is the function where they will be saved directly in this section of the application.

Why use Snapchat?

One of the most important reasons for using this application is the diversity of filters it has. These are very striking and considered better than those of Facebook and Instagram Stories.

They have a rather striking originality and in addition to that they focus on customizing with festive dates. It all depends on what is celebrated in your region and you will have filters ranging from costumes to stickers with national motives.

For sure, this application is quite ephemeral, so it has the function of allowing that after sending a direct message, it is automatically deleted.

The same happens in terms of photos, if you want to send one when the other user sees it on their device, it disappears from the conversation and internal memory.

In addition to the moment a screenshot of your content was captured, Snapchat will send you a notification to know how good is your privacy.

It is for this reason that this app has become very popular today. And it is that although has had great competition like Instagram and Facebook, here you are guaranteed your safety and that of your content. Therefore it still remains in the competition and continues to innovate its users.

Tricks You May Not Know About Snapchat

One of the most important functions is the ability to add emojis and filters after taking the photo or video. These can be expanded or minimized to suit your preferences.

And lately they have activated the feature of being able to add songs to your stories, which makes it quite dynamic when recording. It also allows you to make video calls with any followers we have. What allows us to communicate and interact with our real audience.

And since Snapchat doesn't want to be left behind, designed the feature to be able to post photos with memes. To do this, you just have to press and hold your face and then select and follow the instructions of the meme of your choice.

Snapchat or Instagram?

These apps are actually quite similar when it comes to comparison. However, these have a couple of differences that they depend on the user's tastes. 

How to delete Snapchat memories fast and easy with this guide

First of all, Snapchat gets a lot more out of the filter function as it has much more variety and quantity. While on the other hand on Instagram you can choose the option to create Boomerang and a photo collage.

However, in both applications you can save your photos and yours video on your mobile device and delete them whenever you want.

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