How to chat with people near you on Telegram

How to chat with people near you on Telegram

In Telegram it's possible chat with unknown people who are near your location, it's a good way to meet new people wherever you are, even if it's a feature that you have to use with great care and responsibility, even if it's still curious.

This tool is not available in other messaging apps like Telegram or Signal, currently it is one Telegram exclusive feature. You can open conversations with people nearby and they too can find you and talk to you.

By default, the ability to find is disabled so that no one can find your username and anyone other than your contacts can talk to you. If you wish, you can enable the ability to talk to nearby people, but in the future you can disable it again.

Available on iOS and Android, we'll show you the steps to follow for talk to people near you via Telegram, you need to follow these steps:

  1. On iOS, open Telegram and go to the «contacts» section. Once there , click on «find people nearby».

  1. The application will start offering you a list of people you can open a chat to talk to, where it also shows you how far away they are from you and they are sorted from closest to furthest.

  1. To chat with any of them, click on the contact and then on the message icon to open the conversation, from which moment you can talk.

There is chance you are, you just have to click on «make me visible», which means they can look for you on Telegram and talk to you, if you don't want this to happen, leave the option as it is.

In Telegram you can not only talk to people close to your location, who you surely know in many cases, but you can also view «local» Telegram groups even close to where you are at any time you use the feature.

We recommend that you use this option Telegram per meet people close to you? The truth is, people you contact might be caught opening a chat and talking to them if they don't even know you, so you need to use the tool responsibly.

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