How to create a business account on Facebook: step by step tutorial!

How to create a business account on Facebook: step by step tutorial!

Facebook is the second most trafficked internet platform. Globally, only Google tops it, behind other giants like YouTube, which seemed completely unbeatable. Companies can take a good place in this social network. This time we will explain how to create a facebook business account.

Mark Zuckerberg's social network was born as a university project; although its development and growth over the years has made it a key hub for Internet users. Anyone with minimal knowledge of networks and digital environments knows what Facebook is and has a registered account to talk to friends, relatives, acquaintances or strangers, as well as share any content. However, the famous network is not alone for this.

How to create a Facebook business account?

Companies can occupy a great place in this gigantic section of the Internet to make themselves known and tell the world about their services and products. Its potential is such that studying how to create a Facebook business account is becoming a necessity for companies that want to get some of the benefits of the digital environment.

It should be clarified that it is not possible to create accounts for companies, especially if you take into account the terms of use and policies of this social network. While that doesn't stop companies from leveraging this powerful dynamic on their sites, in this guide, we'll explain what it is and how to build it from scratch.

To take advantage of all that Facebook offers to businesses, you need to create a page on the social network dedicated to your business. First of all, you need to have a regular or personal profile account from which to create a page for the corresponding company.

This social network does not provide specific profiles for companies without a personal profile that functions as an administrator of the company or business page, although they do offer you dozens of options to enjoy your presence on this fantastic social network.

Next, we'll explain how you should proceed so that your company or business starts on Facebook and therefore can reach many more users and potential customers who may be interested in what you offer.

1- Login to your Facebook home page

First of all, you will need to create a new user account, which is why you need to go to your Facebook homepage first. To do this, open your Internet browser and, in the address bar, enter the following URL: After doing this, you will be registered directly in the social network portal.

2- Start creating a user account

To create a new Facebook account, you must go to the home page, on the right you will have a large form to fill in your data and create a new profile. You start by entering the name and surname of the person who will manage the company page; then an e-mail address or telephone number and a personal password that cannot be transferred.

You will also have to choose your real date of birth (for Facebook to verify that you are of the minimum age to use this social network) and your gender, to choose between female and male. After all this has been completed and knowing that the email address indicated must be real, as well as the telephone number if you have chosen this option, press the button that says «Create account«.

3- Confirm your identity

Once all the above procedure has been done, the moment has come when Facebook asks you to confirm your identity by verifying your email address or phone number, the one you choose, before completing the account registration. The only objective of this measure is to prevent cases of identity theft to ensure the safety of users using this platform.

If you want to change the number or email address of a link, you can now do it using the option «Update contact information» which opens in a new window. Otherwise, if you want to continue, you must click on «Connect with…» so that the group can continue with identity verification.

If you have selected an email address for the registration process, you will receive an email from Facebook in the same account, in which you only have to click a button to complete the user creation.

If, on the other hand, you have chosen a mobile phone, you will receive an email with your password, which you will have to enter in the box that appears on the screen. You should do that and proceed to complete this step.

4- Start creating the page

After logging into Facebook, click on the arrow symbol in the upper right corner within the blue bar. In the drop-down menu that appears, you must click on the option that says «Create page«.

5- Select a page for companies

In the window that appears you have 6 different options available. Since we want to create a page for companies, the second page «Companies, organization or institution» is the most appropriate. Click on it to continue the process.

When you do this, you will see a button with the text «Select Category«, which you must click on to select your sector of activity. Just below that is an empty box where you can enter the name of the company you are creating this page for. Once all this is done, click on «it begins«.

6 – First configuration steps

Well, the first two points you need to do now are easy. You should know that Facebook will ask you to select one profilo's photo, which you will need to make yourself appear, and also a cover photo, which will be displayed in large size at the top of the page. Upload both or skip the steps if you want to continue.

It is recommended to select not only two photos, but also one of good quality. This ensures better interaction with users and more positive reactions. For a relatively short time, Facebook also allows you to upload short videos as an introduction to your company in your coverage area.

7- Final configuration settings

You should know that you can finalize your Facebook business page by adding a short description and generating a username for the page. With the latter option, subscribers to the page will be able to access it more easily through the search engine of the social network.

Furthermore, you can invite friends registered in the user account associated with the page to subscribe and start following your posts. On the other hand, you already have the possibility to create posts in the menu available at the bottom, right in the box «Write something…«.

With that, you have learned how to create a Facebook business account. You should know that the platform does not have an account type dedicated exclusively to companies, although those who have created pages can start by creating a company account on Instagram, also owned by Facebook.

Important: You can also manage the Facebook page of your new brand or company directly from your smartphone, just download the official applications for Android and iPhone from here:

Download Facebook Business Suite for Android

Download Facebook Business Suite for iOS

Accounts or pages on Facebook for companies and professionals

Well, as you have already verified, Facebook does not offer the account option for companies or professionals. Instead, it offers different types of pages through which you can communicate with the users of your choice. There are six of them in total, and we'll explain it to you in a moment:

1- Local or company

Designed for small businesses operating in a specific location or area. If you have more than one store and you want each to have its own social media presence, we recommend creating a page for each one. You need to enter details such as your physical address, postcode and telephone number.

2- Company, organization or institution

As explained above, it is best suited for creating a general corporate identity. You just have to specify the sector you belong to and the name with which you want to baptize the page.

3- Brand or product

If what you want is to talk about a specific brand or product that you want to promote on the Internet, this is the option you should choose. You don't need a lot of data, just select a category and name to link to the company or product in question.

4- Artist, band or public figure

This option is perfect for celebrities, singers, actors or even bands. The goal is to keep all its subscribers updated on all the news around them as well as to interact with them and serve as a meeting point for fans.

5- Entertainment.

More aimed at groups of users who share a certain hobby. The entertainment category requires you to specify what type it is and, of course, the name that will be assigned to the page.

6- Reason or Community

The simplest section of all. Its goal is to act as a speaker to fight for a common cause or create a community of users with something in common. Just give your page a name to start creating and using it.

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