How to follow someone on Facebook without them knowing

How to follow someone on Facebook without them knowing

Sure, there are many Facebook users who follow another or other users to get to know them, see what they post and, in short, be aware of the details of that or those specific people they follow on Facebook. Now, and unfortunately, for some Facebook users this action has its own drawbacks that somehow prevent them from following people on Facebook with normal channels and therefore, they cannot perform it… However, there is an interesting solution that we want share with you how to follow someone on facebook without them knowing and that it is certainly not ideal but the goal is achieved and that is to follow without them knowing or realizing it.

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How To Follow Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing | Clarifications

Firstly, it is necessary to specify that anyone with a user profile on Facebook has the possibility of following other users who have the possibility of being followed on Facebook enabled and, moreover, they can be followed if they enable it and wish to follow this option, and so on., whenever someone follows another, the recipient or the user who is following him receives a notification informing him that a particular user has followed him on Facebook and so far, all clear with the option to follow and be followed on Facebook.

However, and being much more specific on this distressing matter, any Facebook user who has the option to be followed enabled can perfectly regulate or change who can follow him as such. That is, and in other words, you can accept someone to follow you or, reject someone who follows you (block) and not satisfied with that, you can privatize your Facebook account so that no one outside of your contacts and followers who count with his came the vision in his Facebook content.

In this way, it becomes very difficult under regular channels to follow someone on Facebook without that person knowing or finding out, protecting anonymity (identity) and also having the approval of being able to follow from that person. Facebook user.

Fortunately there is a solution that can be implemented in a positive way to be able to follow someone on Facebook with the permission of this and under the great incentive, to preserve the identity or that they do not know exactly who follows it and explain it to them, to the continuation.

How To Follow Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing | Solution

For this solution, they will not be able to use your profile that you already have on Facebook, as it most likely contains information or content (email, mobile number, photos, videos, comments, etc.) that somehow proves your identity before of this person and if he has some animosity towards you, then it is possible that he will lock you in place and furthermore, you will not be able to reserve your privacy suspiciously.

Having said the above, and if they still want to follow X person, they will have no choice but to have a new, yes, fictitious Facebook account (without their real identity) exclusively for this purpose and others, which in the future you deem convenient.

Now, to create this new Facebook profile, they have to pay attention to certain things so that they don't arouse suspicion about that Facebook user or, that they are discovered due to a mistake or a mistake in creating this Facebook account and that they put themselves a details below so that they have an anonymous profile and also, which allows them to follow that user with his approval.

So the first thing they should try to do is that when they are going to create this new facebook account they should, yes or yes, enter a username which is not linked to their real name and in addition to that, they will enter an email and a mobile number that the person he wants to follow does not know, because if he has some of this information, he can perfectly find his profile when looking for friends on Facebook and with it he can discover something that he does not think he likes.

Once the Facebook account is created, they have to add content that does not show their identity at all, such as adding photos, postings, comments and even contacts or strangers to make it very real and also active. A key aspect of this is adding a profile photo that is of someone pretty and the things they post are of that person's liking or affinity to have that person's acceptance.

Finally and when you have all this ready, they will go to the profile of that user they want to follow and click on «Follow» and with that, a notification will reach that person and most likely, when he sees her so graceful and with common tastes, he will accept that they follow him without any inconvenience or impediment and without even knowing the true identity of who is behind that Facebook.

This is the way to follow someone on Facebook without or without their knowledge and although it takes a certain amount of time, it is a reasonable option when you want to follow a person but, protecting privacy out of modesty or, out of some animosity or conflict that was had, among many other things.

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