How to permanently create or delete user accounts on my Mac OS

Mac OS is a very famous operating system of the brand Apple all versions of the Mac operating system have it integrated and it stands out for offering high quality software in all its sections. They are great computers for multiple tasks.

If you have several members of your family who use the computer, you should know how to create user accounts and delete them. Other than that, you might also be interested in knowing These are all the requirements you need to get your Apple Card.

Why is it convenient to have multiple user accounts on Mac OS?

Having multiple user accounts is very convenient in different situations, for this reason it is something you should know if you are a Mac OS user, but the main and biggest benefit is the following:

Independent spaces on a single computer

Undoubtedly, the advantage of having multiple user accounts on Mac OS is that many people can use the same computer in one way independent. In other words, if someone has a user account, they will have their own personal data and applications.

This is very useful for homes and workspaces where multiple people use the same computer. We could point out that it is a bit like having multiple personal computers, but in one space.

How to permanently create or delete user accounts on my Mac OS

How to permanently create or delete user accounts on my Mac OS

The process of creating or deleting accounts in Mac OS is quite simple, so it's not complicated. By creating or deleting accounts you will be able to appropriately establish space for each of the members of your home or office.

  1. The first step is to go into the system configuration, to do this, go to Preferences of System, which you will usually find in the bar where the programs are located.
  2. Once you are in the System Preferences you should go to the section Users and groups. Within this menu several options will appear, you will also see all users who are in the system.

To create a new user

  1. The first thing you need to do, if you want to create a new user, is to click on the padlock located in the lower left area. Most likely, you will be asked for the password of the current user, or the administrator user, provide this information and click on Unlock.
  2. Once you have successfully unlocked the configuration options, you need to click on the plus sign (+) located on the left. This is where you will create the data for a new user.
  3. Enter all required information, full name, account name, password, etc. Also choose what kind of users you want it to be, be it standard, admin or any other option. When done, click Create utente.
  4. After the previous process you will have successfully created a new user.

How to permanently create or delete user accounts on my Mac OS

Delete a user

  1. Repeat the previous steps, i.e. go up Preferences of System and then on Users and groups. In case you need to unlock, remember that you can do it by pressing the padlock and entering the password of the Team Administrator.
  2. To delete an account, you just need to click on it and then on the minus symbol (-) located in the lower left area.
  3. A new screen will appear. If you want to completely delete the account, click Delete parent folder and then click Delete user.
  4. After the above process, the selected account will disappear from your Mac OS computer's account registry.
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