How to send audio on Twitter - Easily send "voice tweets" or "voice notes" voice Tweets!

Now it's Twitter, which adds this option to its messaging and tweeting methodology. Now, how can you post these audios on Twitter? You won't ask yourself this question again after reading the topic: How to send audio on Twitter - Easily send "voice tweets" or "voice notes".

Without a doubt, Twitter continues to make small changes in its operation to stay at the forefront of the world of social networks. Each year it allows us to do more and more new things, such as creating lists on Twitter to have a timeline parallel to the one we normally use.

On the other hand, it also included the option to activate chronological order in the Timeline, so you can be aware of the latest news. However, you can also choose to only see featured events on your timeline.

What are "voice tweets" or "voice notes" on Twitter and how do they work?

Twitter voice memos are the latest and most updated version released by the app and come with an incredible advantage. They consist in the possibility of creating " clip »Voice when creating a tweet. The dynamics of these Twitter audios could be compared to the WhatsApp audios, as the methodology is similar.

With voice tweets, you can post audio up to 140 seconds, not more. In fact, if you have passed the 140 seconds when sending an audio, Twitter would take the remaining time of the audio and convert it to a second audio. Then, the audios would be posted with the structure of a Twitter thread.

So far, this update is only available to some users iOS and is not yet available for Android users. However, as time goes on, Twitter will presumably include more iOS users and Android users who will receive the update.

How to send audio on Twitter - Easily send

How to easily send audio on Twitter

To start posting audio on Twitter, you need to follow a few simple steps. However, we recommend that you update Twitter to its latest version in order to enable the option to post audios to your timeline.

  1. First of all, you need to log into your Twitter account from the official app.
  2. Go to the screen or option where you would normally write a new tweet.
  3. Right on the left side, where there are options like attaching an image, you'll see an icon in the form of a sound wave.
  4. You have to hold down this icon until a new screen opens with a button in which you will record up to 140 seconds of audio of what you want.
  5.  Press the button to start signing up and start saying what you were thinking about tweeting about your account.
  6. Finally, press the button again to stop the audio or to pause it, then click on "Done" to stop the audio. You can also write text to accompany the audio. Click on «Tweet» and your audio will be published.

It is important that you know that Twitter audios can be implemented as thread, as an individual tweet or as a reply to other tweets.

Benefits of Twitter Audio for Businesses, Corporations, and Influencers

Seeing the more commercial side of the new twitter update, social media entrepreneurs like this one can take advantage of it. Now, with this update, anyone can micro podcast and make it a personal effort.

Additionally, businesses and businesses can leverage these audios to introduce commercials of up to 140 seconds into their Twitter accounts. That way, they can «Get the most out of this update »and make it privilege your brand, company or public profile.

There is no doubt that new ideas will be born with this update of the Twitter application marketing where millions of people will take advantage of this option to grow their businesses. If you combine Twitter fame, thoughtful marketing techniques, and voice memos, you're sure to get a fantastic result.

Even the influencers of this social network will be able to take advantage of this option to verbally communicate their plans and ideas and thus provoke a greater and better reaction in their audience.

How to send audio on Twitter - Easily send

Anyway, everywhere we look, we see that having audio on Twitter now is something great. And now that you know how to do it, you can be ready for start influencing your followers with your voice tweets. Now more than ever, go to Twitter and experience the new audio sending experience!

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