How do I know if I've been blocked on Twitter?

How do I know if I've been blocked on Twitter?

Undoubtedly, one of the misfortunes that can be experienced when using a social network is that of being silenced or worse still blocked from something that was done consciously or unconsciously or for another specific reason that caused this type of action that the truth is not very pleasant to know but many are interested, even if it hurts. Well, some active Twitter users have been wondering lately How do I know if I've been blocked on Twitter? o who blocked me on twitter? and of course, in Practical Resources we want to clarify this topic that tastes bittersweet but is a gossip you want to know on Twitter.

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Why was I blocked on Twitter?

Perhaps, one of the first concerns that arise on this topic is: why is someone blocked on twitter? and there are actually innumerable causes or reasons why someone decides to block someone on Twitter, among these, not wanting to see that user's Tweets anymore, which are sometimes many (spam) and don't have much relevance or affinity with him or, it is done to protect privacy and information that is published in front of unknown people or that they do not have their identity accredited on Twitter so that in this way they have access to certain sensitive data or perhaps, for being a somewhat conflicted person who gets involved in disputes and who can, of course, directly or indirectly annoy this user and therefore, there can be many reasonable ones (justifiable or not) why someone is blocked on Twitter.

How do I know if I've been blocked on Twitter?

In honor of the truth, it should be clarified that the social network does not provide any type of notification to the interested party where it is informed or clearly indicated, that has been blocked on Twitter and much less, who blocked him on Twitter o when they were blocked on Twitter. Well, this type of information is recorded as something private for each user in the Twitter community privacy policies and, therefore, this type of action or activity is not reported on Twitter.

How to know if I've been blocked on Twitter | manual solution

Now, if the curiosity is very great and yes or yes is required, «to find out who blocked me«, then, in the first place, one should resort to something more manual and simple to have control of this type of "comidillos" and clarify in Finally, who has blocked them and to do so, just enter all the profiles that interest and which » presumably » follow them to then see if the « button appearsFollow » just in case, that does not appear, everything is fine and there is not a problem but if it appears, unfortunately that user has stopped following them and it may be the case -that in addition-, they have been blocked by not seeing Tweets or anything else from that profile and between the other, to verify these suspicions they can press or click on the button » Follow» and if a message appears that the user has blocked him on Twitter and will no longer be able to follow him, then this sad suspicion will be confirmed.

Application to know who blocked me on Twitter | app solution

Luckily there is an app that can let you know who has unfollowed you on Twitter called «Unfollow Today» that works for Android and that will come in handy for all those people who require this type of service or application that allows them to avoid manual work especially when there are many followers and by the way, this application is supported by several comments and reviews on Internet.

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By the way, for the same concern, we have been looking for how to know who blocked me on Twitter and how to know which accounts have blocked me on Twitter or an application that warns me that it has not followed me on Twitter, as such.

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