How to start fundraising and make or receive donations on Facebook

There are many organizations in charge of carrying out charitable activities, known as social entrepreneurship. The basic principle of these organizations is fundraising, the basic principle of these is to support those who need a hand the most, economically speaking, especially for those who are not protected by a selfish society.

Profit and non-profit organizations, especially the latter, they invest a lot of resources like money, time and manpower, in order to support their main activities. New ways to raise funds are continually being devised, the most popular today being a tool that we all have access to, namely the Internet.

Those who participate in these campaigns e contribute with financial funds they are known as donors and are often open to participating. Children, young people and women are the main beneficiaries of these campaigns and not only those who really need help are covered by these institutions.

What are donations or fundraisers?

Fundraisers are actions carried out by profit or non-profit institutions in able to provide economic, social, psychological, cultural and religious support to the most vulnerable. It works as a social support strategy that benefits millions of causes around the world.

How to start fundraising and make or receive donations on Facebook

The members of an institution could be a combination of individuals or organizations related to different causes, it is recommended that they be composed of at least 8 people or institutions, the more of these join a cause the better, although the number may vary depending on the circumstances.

Develop a fundraising management strategy

A fundraiser cannot be started in a disorganized way and without a purpose that justifies the fundraising. It is necessary that the people involved establish meetings in which define their own principles and the steps to be taken, we recommend the help of a facilitator to be able to elaborate them.

Once the above steps are defined, you need to establish a mission and objectives to be developed, the internal and external influences that can influence the institution must be taken into account; It is recommended to do a SWOT analysis as it is worth it. 

After completing the above, we proceed to establish a resource collection goal, establishing what are the possible sources of income for it. It is necessary to calculate the human, material and financial resources that will be needed and finally draw up a budget; taking into account the costs of the collection activity and any revenues.

How to start fundraising and make or receive donations on Facebook?

To start a fundraiser on Facebook you need to take into account how to add a donation button, and know if it is a personal fundraiser or if it is a fundraiser for organizations non profit.

 Personal fundraisers are used as a means of raising money for a personal cause, to start one you must first consider if it is available for your country, if it is you must read the Facebook collection policies, so as not to violate any of its rules.  

How to start fundraising and make or receive donations on Facebook

 The type of collection must be specified, whether it is a non-profit collection or whether it is a voluntary collection. To receive the money raised, il Bank account must be added and paid to the person who created the publication, it may be subject to taxes (it all depends on the region in which it is located).

 If, on the other hand, the fundraiser is for a non-profit organization that supports a charity, you need to consider whether the fundraiser is available in the country or region where it is requested. If available, the policies indicated by Facebook must be followed to the letter.

     The money obtained from the collection is paid directly to the organization and not to a specific person. If you want to donate to fundraisers, you need to follow some statutes, such as: live in a region where fundraising is permitted and have payments enabled.

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