How to stop seeing a friend's posts on Facebook

How to stop seeing a friend's Facebook posts quickly and easily

While blocking someone is the easiest way to stop seeing all their activity on this platform, you can choose to remove them from your friends list.

If you don't want to make such a drastic decision, by deleting or blocking a user, you simply can stop seeing the content it shares stop following him.

This way, the other person will not know that they are no longer seeing their content, because they will not receive any notification of such a change in your news preferences. It will continue to be on your friends list and you can see what she shares at any time by logging into her profile.

Note that you can restrict certain posts or all of the content you share. If you want stop seeing a certain post, search and position yourself on it. click on the menu you have at the top right of the publication and click on "I don't want to see this."

How to stop seeing a friend's posts on Facebook

If you click on this option, you will have a new menu with options: "I don't like how I look in this photo", «It's annoying or uninteresting», «I don't think it should be on Facebook »Or» mark as spam ». With these options you can customize what you see in your news section.

From the app, to unfollow a person, go to his profile. Click on the friends icon you have below their profile photo and, in the menu that opened, select »Not follow more ».

If in the future you want to review their publications in your news section, enter their profile and you will see that " Unfollow "Has now been replaced by" Follow" in the friends menu.

If you want to stop viewing their content for just a while, you can choose » take a break ". With this action, you will unfollow a user for thirty days.

If you also do not want to receive their messages, look for their name in the Facebook Messenger app, click on their name and in the menu that opens click on «ignore messages». You can also click on the icon with an exclamation point that you have along with the name at the top right of the chat.

In any case, if you just stop following a person, you will continue to have them in your contacts, they will be able to search for you, send you messages, see the comments and publications you make, you will only ignore them.

Otherwise, it gives you the opportunity to " take a break »Where you will only ignore that person's activity on this platform.

How to prevent your friends from seeing your posts

In case you don't want to block or remove a person from your friends list, you can choose to customize who can see what you post.

If it is a post you haven't done yet, in the box you need to update your status, you have an options menu that will open after pressing the button to determine the audience.

In case your publications are public, the button will say " Public ", If you share only with friends it will say" Friends «.

How to stop seeing a friend's posts on Facebook

When you click on this button, you will have a new screen where you can determine " Who can see your publication? "And the options:

  • Public
  • Friends
  • Friends, except: ... and the option " Modification »Your list of friends who do not want to see your publications.

Now that you know how to stop seeing a friend's posts on Facebook, customize the content of what you see so that you can enjoy the experience of browsing it.

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