Pokédialer for Android lets you experience exciting Pokémon battles

Despite the many functions that we can perform with a smartphone, we cannot deny the initial goal of a phone, which is to make and receive calls, although unfortunately fewer and fewer people carry them out, especially with the rise of applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.

Pokédialer for Android lets you experience exciting Pokémon battles

However, we are sure that if our devices' boring 'phone' applications were different, many more users would be encouraged to call their contacts. This is what the new app we bring to you next is aimed, and that is that experiencing an exciting Pokémon battle while talking to your mom on the phone is not something that can be ignored. The best thing you'll do this week, we guarantee it.

PokéDialer: Make a phone call and experience the adventures of Pokémon

Pokédialer for Android lets you experience exciting Pokémon battles

Many of us grew up with Pokémon, their adventures, their video games and the series with Ash and Pikachu. Since the first Pokémon Red and Blue came out on the Spanish market in 1999, we have all dreamed of being not only coaches, but also real Pokémon Masters.

The franchise created by Game Freak has grown over the years, not only with a multitude of new titles for different platforms, such as Android and its success Pokémon GO, but also in the number of collectible creatures, currently more than 800.

Here because today we present this interesting app called PokéDialer that changes the phone dialer interface for exciting Pokémon battles. The app is currently undergoing numerous changes but I have been able to test it myself and it works fine.

The first thing we will do during the installation and launch of the app is to choose our gender. Just like in Nintendo games. The mythical Professor Oak appears on the screen, he will release the embers and ask us if we are boys or girls. Once this is done we will have to choose our partner and unlike video games where we could only choose between three, here we can choose between 251 (1st and 2nd generation).

Your Pokémon adventure begins on your mobile

Pokédialer for Android lets you experience exciting Pokémon battles

Once this is done, every time we call or receive calls, the interface of our device will change as you can see in the photographs of this article. As if we had gone back to the past and had that legendary Game Boy in our hands which gave us many hours of fun and made us buy many batteries at the supermarket.

Now, the app also allows us many other things like the modification of all our contacts. So, for example, if we want our partner to have the sprite of a specific rival trainer and we want him to carry X Pokémon with him, we can do that. The number of sprites is overwhelming, so the choice is ours or our contact in question.

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PokéDialer is a totally free app and although it is currently in English, it is perfectly understandable as it barely sets up in seconds. Its developer is also constantly updating it and has already promised new features and, most importantly, new Pokémon to choose from.

I don't know about you but I have already gone back many years thanks to the PokéDialer and honestly love it.

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