How to download twitter videos to my pc

How to download twitter videos to my pc

On many occasions, you can find videos on different social networks that are really attractive and worth downloading or saving them on your PC so that you can watch them again later with peace of mind and enjoy them without having a connection. However, this action of want to save a video it can become quite difficult to do, leaving many with the discomfort and desire to do it.

This situation, of unable to save a video, also occurs on Twitter since, in this network, its users usually publish quite relevant and very contingent videos that are worth having, yes or yes, and that is precisely what I will address in this guide how you can save a video seen on Twitter to your PC or computerI hope it will be of use to anyone interested.

Download Twitter Videos | Step 1

Logically, first of all they should go to the Twitter account of the user who published or shared the video or videos they would be interested in having on their computer or PC and for this, on some occasions, they do not necessarily need to log into their account Twitter since that user can have a public Twitter account where everyone can see their information and the content they upload and in the other cases, they must necessarily enter their personal Twitter account and then access the Twitter account of that user who is not public and can only be seen by users registered in this social network.

Download Twitter Videos | Step 2

Now, once you have logged into that Twitter user's account and specifically found one of the videos you want to save on your PC, you will have to click on the ellipsis and from the tab that appears you will have to click again, where it says : Copy the link from the Tweet.

With the previous action, a central window will open showing the precise URL of that Tweet that contains the video you want to save. Well, copy that URL (Ctrl + c).

Download Twitter Videos | Step 3

Now they have to open a new window of the web browser they use (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, others.) and enter the web service » savevideo » and for this they have 2 ways: search for it with the search engine they use (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, others.) and then log in or correctly write the URL or web address of this site in the address bar and that is: and then click on the » Submit » and will access the site directly.

Download Twitter Videos | Step 4

In the cover of Savedeo you will be able to see a box in the central part where you have to enter the URL of the video which has been copied from Twitter (seen in step 2), so, enter the URL right there and then, you have to click on the button that says "download«.

Download Twitter Videos | Step #5

With the previous action a new page is displayed where in one part the video and its description are shown and in another part the option to save appears, that is by clicking on » download «.

With this click a new page will open in the browser and where the video will appear only in the central part and therefore here, they will have to place or hover the cursor over the video and press the right mouse button and with this, a window with some options and you should click on " Save video come ... »

This will open the classic window where you can give the destination or place for the video you are about to download to your PC, add - if you wish - a Name and then click on the «Save».

This is the whole procedure you need to go through to save a Twitter video to your computer without installing programs and in case you want to save more videos you will have to perform the same procedure described here, for each of them.

Note no. 1 | By the way, you will have to check the copyright of the video and give the respective credits if you want to use it for some work, presentation or just to share it online… Although most of the videos that are downloaded are meant to be used (seen) personally.

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