How to know my twitter password without changing it

How to know my twitter password without changing it

«How to know my Twitter password without changing it» is a question that more than one user of this social network has ever asked (myself among them). And is that today we have to use dozens of Password for all. So far so good, the only problem is that so a password is secure the first condition is that don't use it to access all platforms. That's why many times we forget the access code to a social network, to our bank or to our mailbox! But don't worry, Green Android will teach you a trick to get twitter password quickly and easily.This way you can write it down so you don't forget it!.

How to know the password of an open Twitter?

As you well know, every time we access a platform through the PC, they come saved the access data to be able to open a session without having to re-enter them. The only problem is that the password will be stored in hidden mode, so if we do not remember our password, we will not be able to access said platform on another PC since the access data will be stored on our personal computer.

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How can I know my Twitter password?

Thankfully there is a method by which you can find out your Twitter password, since all that we will do è make visible the hidden password that our browser has saved by default. And if you are wondering…. YES, with this method you can know someone else's Twitter password. It should be noted that from El Poder Del Androide Verde do not approve of this type of behavior as this is only a fully educational tutorial to be able to recover your password without changing it, NOT to harm any third party.

Steps to find my Twitter password

The first thing we have to do is go with the browser to the Twitter main login page, once inside we will give the right mouse button and in the pop-up menu we insert "Inspect".

If we have done everything right we will see that a menu will appear on the right as we will do the following:

  1. We give the option it says «Select an item on the page to inspect it».
  2. On the left we select the password Twitter nascosta that we want reveal.
  3. We go to the right section and double click on the section that says type = » Password «.

Finally we will do the following:

  • Let's change type = » Password » in type = » text » and press ENTER.
  • We'll see how I managed to find out my twitter password without changing it quickly and easily.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, feel free to leave me a comment, I promise to answer them. Don't forget that if this article was interesting for you, you have all the social media buttons available to share this contentplease, it would help me a lot to keep developing more tutorials like this one…thank you so much!

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