How to uninstall 'Parallels' from my MAC without leaving a trace? - Simple guide

When it comes to computer operating systems, the best known and most used are MacOS and Windows, since provide good performance and they are very easy to use. Parallels is included with Macs, allowing you to use advanced features and even install Windows from your Mac.

However, you probably don't use it and are looking for a way to uninstall the Parallels application because you don't need it or it takes up a lot of space. Here we will tell you how to uninstall it and what you should keep in mind before performing this action.

What Care Should Be Taken Before Uninstalling Parallels?

When uninstalling a program on a computer, you should be aware that they can a number of problems arise. One of them is that the files are not always completely deleted and remain taking up space on your hard drive, to free up space, you can delete some emails or clean your computer with a professional cleaner.

No virtual machine files work

When you uninstall Parallels, some files and programs may start freezing to the point that these programs won't open either. This happens because many of the applications on the computer are connected to Parallels and therefore during uninstallation they do not work in the usual way.

What is the procedure for uninstalling Parallels from your Mac?

How to uninstall 'Parallels' from my MAC without leaving a trace? - Simple guide

One of the best Mac system features is the ease of uninstalling programs that we do not want to have on our computer. To delete it you have to go into System Applications, right click and click 'Delete' and this way the application will be deleted.

Problems that may occur while uninstalling Parallels from Mac and how to fix them

After uninstalling Parallels, they will occur a number of annoying problems. To avoid further problems, try to keep your Mac virus-free. Therefore, here we will show you what the problems are so that when they appear you can identify them.

The app works in the background

When this program is uninstalled, some parts of the application are still in the system. A lot of times it will start working or to open in the background without you authorizing it to open it.

It is not removed from the recycle bin

Since Parallels is a program that comes with the PC system, it is always a problem to delete it because one way or another the data of this program is embedded in the system. No matter how hard you try to eliminate them, the attempts are futile and always end up leaving a fragment of the data in the computer memory.

How to uninstall 'Parallels' from my MAC without leaving a trace? - Simple guide

To find Parallels files on the your Mac computer, you can find the root folder. Once found, delete the files in the folder one by one.

They did not remove the add-ons from the Mac system

Add-ons or extensions are just other programs that Parallels needed install to work optimally. Therefore, after deleting it from your computer programs, these extensions will be there. You will need to delete or uninstall them as well so they don't continue to interfere with your PC.

This happens because since Parallels is a program to duplicate another system, the files on that system are stored in the root folder and to delete them completely you will have to look for this folder.

If you have problems uninstalling Parallels on your device system, you will need to find information about the problem on the support page for your Mac operating system.

On this website you will identify if the problem with Parallels add-ons is due to a system error, if it is due to a type of malware or even if it is due to the fact that Parallels cannot be uninstalled with anything.

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