Twitter isn't working: what to do when it happens?

Twitter isn't working: what to do when it happens?

Believe it or not, on occasion Twitter can also crash and become inoperative and when this happens several things can be done, but the first thing is not to lose patience because sooner or later it will work correctly again without any problem.

It's curious because when an application crashes, like WhatsApp or Facebook, one of the things people usually do is go to twitter to check if this is the case and they can confirm that this is the case, even write some kind of comment to report or report.

In this case you will not be able to, but you will immediately notice that the social network is inactive because you don't have the ability to access the web or through the app, some kind of error appears or it just doesn't load anything, which will lead you to think that it's not working.

check your connection

To verify that this is indeed the case, the first thing is check if you have an internet connection and you can check it easily, for example, by entering apps or websites that need Internet access to work; Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram can be some examples.

What you will discover with absolute certainty is that those websites or applications that you have accessed, not being Twitter, work fine, which confirms once again that the problem is not in your mobile or computer, but in the social network, which is devoid of services and is down.

If you're not convinced, you can always try to do some things that are being done at the time, you might restart your mobile, restore your internet connection by activating airplane mode and deactivating it later, power cycling your carrier's router and others, but most likely none of these will help.

Wait for Twitter to work again

It's the option that everyone is going to choose, whether they want to or not, and it is wait patiently for Twitter to resume its operations and you work as usual again. This process shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes, so it won't take much effort.

We say it especially for those professionals who use Twitter as a business tool, this social network usually does not go down too often, but it is not perfect and can suffer some incidents that leave it hanging, which usually resolves itself in a short time.

Contact Twitter

Worth it contact Twitter if you notice that the drop is taking longer and then try to find out what is really happening, although you may find that you get no response and have to opt for the previous step, the one of waiting..

Normally Twitter offers explanations when it comes to a serious incident, but it is true that it rarely answers this type of question if someone asks it, but there is the possibility in case someone needs to speak to a manager and try to get answers.

These are some things you can do when Twitter is down, they won't fix you too much if the error that caused the social network to go down is the fault of Twitter itself, if on the contrary it's an accident of your own you can try a few things.

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