What are they, what are they for and how to create lists on Twitter? - Quick and easy

Social networks are one of the most interesting ways we can interact with each other. Since its inception, people have taken it upon themselves to share all kinds of content on theirs pages and react to the content of others, and also for advertising purposes by applying marketing strategies.

Although each social networks has a different way of making each person interact with any content, we can find that we can always see videos, images and a little bit of each person's life. This is partly what makes the social networks of the moment so attractive: that there are so many to choose from.

Maybe you are not a Facebook fan and prefer to use Instagram more, because really social networks are more a matter of taste. But if there is one particular enough in the way it interacts with the content that is uploaded to the platform, it is Twitter.

Not much has changed since its inception, but many people have found it comfortable as they can interact with anyone in the world, including famous people. Also, the content that is loaded is quite varied and only everything you really want to see will show up on your timeline.

Often, on other social networks, you don't have much control over what you see and don't see on the timeline, but another story is presented on Twitter. Through Twitter, you have the option to mute the words and also if you want to block a user to make your history a place of peace and tranquility.

And also, if you follow a lot of people or want to see tweets from a certain topic, you can make a list and include whoever you want there. Also, if you're interested in what these lists are and how to make one, read on and you'll see everything you need to know.

What are they, what are they for and how to create lists on Twitter? - Quick and easy

What is a Twitter List?

The follow-ups we do on Twitter can vary enormously, because one day we may be following artists and the next day we may be following some of our favorite musicians. Unlike social networks like Facebook, where the main content we see is that of our friends and family, Twitter can become much more personalized and complete.

When that happens, you may end up on stage where you log into your timeline and watch all kinds of content at the same time. For a lot this can be annoying, especially when we want to see particular content or just want to stick to tweets from people we know in person. Precisely for this reason the list.

A twitter list is a way where you need to be able to have all the profiles you want in a category, or some sort of secondary timeline, and every time you want to review it.

That is, if you want to see only the tweets of yours favorite artists, you can create a list, enter them all and see the latest news on each by clicking on it and seeing a timeline where only the content posted by them will appear ..

What are they, what are they for and how to create lists on Twitter? - Quick and easy

How to create a history?

Creating a timeline is quite simple and straightforward, because if you are on a computer, you just have to go to the main page and go to the menu "Lists" and then click » Create a new list «.

And the procedure is quite similar if you do it on a mobile device, since you have to enter the menu and then the menu " Lists »To press the button» New listing «.

And remember that every time you want to add someone to a list, you have to enter that person's profile and in the three-dot menu select the option » add to list «.

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