Which sports betting market is best to start with?

Does sports betting get your attention? We prepare a guide explaining which market is the best to get started. If you are a beginner, you should familiarize yourself with the simplest ways to bet, this way you will have fun and profit.

Simple or 1 × 2 sports betting

Which sports betting market is best to start with?

When you start out in the world of sports betting you have to learn step by step. For this reason, it is not convenient for you as a beginner to play in difficult markets. Hence, it is recommended that you try the simple bet or 1 × 2.

The best bookmakers include this mode in their offer. This is because it fits any experience level, since you only have to choose one result from all the options. So if you do it right, the invested amount will be multiplied by the commission and this will be your profit.

Now, to help you understand this market better, let's say you make bets on football. You have to choose between two teams which one will be the winner of the match, even if the match will culminate in a draw.

In 1 × 2 betting mode, if you choose 1 it is because you think the home team will win. Conversely, if you decide for 2, you indicate that the visiting team will triumph. Also, if you play x, you assume that the game will end in a tie. 

More or less

Which sports betting market is best to start with?

If you play with recognized operators such as 1xbet sports betting, you will have markets available for novice players such as plus / minus. It is worth noting that, in this type of betting, you have to establish a line for your favorite team and the one you consider will lose.

Furthermore, it is necessary to determine the total number of points that the 2 teams will score together in a match; Since, with online betting plus / minus you have to decide whether in the game the result will be higher or lower than what you bet.

Imagine betting on an NBA basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors. If in this game the online bookmaker considers that the result could have a total of 210 points. When you play more than 215 and the score is 217 you will be right, but if the total is 213 you will not get paid.

Live sports betting

Live betting is so popular that you will find it on sports like football, basketball, tennis, etc. You will also try your luck with live esports betting. You can also stream matches and even withdraw your bet early and the best place for all of this is hot sports.

The most notable thing about online live betting is the high level of excitement they have, since you are playing while the event unfolds. And anything that changed the outcome of the match can happen on the pitch.

Likewise, if you are not very adept at reviewing sports statistics. When betting live online you don't have to go through these analyzes. Remember that it is very likely that you are confident that a champion will lead your team to triumph. But if he gets injured during the match, the whole picture will change.

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