Apple executives discuss the design of the new 24-inch iMac

Apple's Director of Global Product Marketing Colleen Novielli and Engineering Program Director Navpreet Kaloty spoke on Relay FM's »Upgrade» podcast on the new iMac M1.

As for the new colors that the iMac incorporates, Novielli explains that the colors "have been designed to provide an air of brightness, optimism and joy," adding "I think we can all agree that it is something that we need in this moment ».

The product manager also talked about the design elements of the 24-inch iMac, such as the controversial bottom strip and the bezels on the front of the device.

Apple executives discuss the design of the new 24-inch iMac

“The borders are designed to complement a common design in our homes and blend into the background. The light gray around those edges is gorgeous. The lack of strong contrast [between the screen and the edges] offers a smooth experience for users, 'says Novielli.

As for the bottom strip, Novielli explains that Apple was able to fit all the internal components within that space. In his opinion, that "empty" stripe makes the color "stand out" by significantly reducing the thickness of the device.

Asked whether Apple will sell the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID independently, Novielli did not comment. However, he added that the keyboard will work with any Mac with M1.

On the overall design, hardware director Kaloty said the addition of the Apple Silicon chip affected all aspects of the iMac's design, such as the input and output ports (which are now exclusively USB-C and Thunderbolt ports).

The full interview contains other insights into the iMac design and features, and can be heard on Relay FM (the full program, because in addition to the interview you have an opinion, lasts 90 minutes).

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