How to create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS

This is something that can be done for some time in other Apps such as Telegram, Sachet, Messenger, etc. and it was time for such an important platform with millions of users around the world to enable this feature. For this reason we want to show you how to create and design my stickers for whatsapp on ios.

The WhatsApp platform does not allow you to create your own stickers, which is why we will use not one, but two applications to do this. With them you will be a creator of these nice pictures and you will be able to give a totally different expression to your messages, without the use of other tools such as Emoji.

How to create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS

How to create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS

As we have already told you so that you can create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS. We will use two Apps that will help us a lot for our creative work, as they will for iOS operating systems. We will go to the App Store and download and install these applications on our device.

The first of these applications is called PicsArt and the second application is called WhatStickers. Once these apps have been installed on our device, we will first proceed to open PicsArt. After that, we will choose whatever images we have in our image gallery.

After selecting the image, you can see that at the bottom of the screen you will find several options to be able to make changes to the image. And we can choose from many tools to create our own design. Among these tools are the trimming tools, this is the most important.

As this allows you to crop the photo of the person, some animal, or a landscape, etc. and this will be the pattern of your stickers. With this tool you will go to delimit the entire outline of the figure, which normally makes it red. And then fill the whole inside, try to zoom in so that the whole border is selected.

When finished, the next step will be to press accept and save the image as a PNG file. Then we can make other changes to our image such as clearing the background. This tool is very easy to use and will allow you to use it however you like and add as many customizations as possible.

Once you've made the changes to your photo and saved it to your image library, you'll move on to the next application. But first we must tell you that to use this App you must have made at least 4 images. Since it doesn't use separate images but it works for packages.

How to use the WhatStickers app

Being inside the application WhatStickers, let's go to the top right and we're going to choose the plus sign icon. And we will look for at least the four images, there may be more, up to 15, in order to add them. But before that, the application will ask us for information about us, such as name, email address, etc.

We give the information and in the end if we can add the four images and then to finish we have to add them to WhatsApp. And that way you can use this pack of four Stickers to share them with your contacts and make the conversation more enjoyable. It is really very easy to do this and you will have a lot of fun.

How to create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS

In this way we have finished explaining how to use the applications that will allow you to give a different twist to your conversations on WhatsApp. And so, you can count on new instructions that will help you  create and design my stickers for WhatsApp on iOS.

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