How to log out of Facebook

How to log out of Facebook

One of the oversights or oversights that most often happen to new users of the social network Facebook and people who are starting to take their first steps on the Internet, is to leave the Facebook user session open, inadvertently causing a vulnerability to your Facebook account. and in general, to your privacy which you may regret in the future.

That's why this article, as a tutorial, will try to explain a few things related to this topic and will certainly address the way you should close your facebook session and thus avoid unnecessary or unpleasant problems or inconveniences, I hope you find this resource very useful and practical.

Log out of Facebook | First clarifications

To begin with, it is good to clarify that the only way to close your Facebook session is in advance, having opened your Facebook session in another way, it is unthinkable to do it.

If your personal situation is that you haven't yet a Facebook account and you want to have it one, I think read this tutorial is the one for you where you can tell how to register on Facebook.

Other than the above, if you're still not sure how to log in or log into your Facebook account, it's better read this text where it is explained step by step how to access Facebook.

Log out of Facebook | vulnerability

An argument that is worth highlighting in this article to raise awareness of the good use by people of the Internet and precisely of the social network Facebook is related to the vulnerability that can affect in this case, leaving the Facebook session open, that is, do not close it especially on a computer or a mobile phone that is not personal.

This way, if you leave your personal Facebook session open on a computer or mobile phone that is not yours, a person who has access to said device can access your account, see everything you've posted (messages, photos and all kinds of information) and more, you have the ability to change or delete your information  and finally, post what you want in your account. Simply put, you can do almost anything you want with your Facebook account.

For this reason, it is recommended to pay particular attention whenever a non-personal computer or a trusted relative's computer is used since, by negligence, they can access your Facebook account or the computer could have a virus that acquire your data access to your account (email and password) and can be used without your knowledge.

 Log out of Facebook | Step 1

As a first step or phase , must be within your Facebook account, or having previously logged in to Facebook in order to proceed correctly with the exit.

Log out of Facebook | Step 2

Within your Facebook account you will be able to see a series of options in the blue bar at the top right and you must click with the mouse (if you are on a computer) on the triangle icon, performing this action by displaying a window with some options.

Log out of Facebook | Step 3

Now, within the options you will have to place the cursor (if you are on a computer) on the text that says » Logout » and then click the mouse button on it, this process will close correctly your Facebook session and the Facebook cover or home will appear.

You can then close the browser window and turn off your computer or continue browsing and doing other operations.

That's the whole process it involves closing the Facebook session and although for many it may mean elementary for some, through ignorance or carelessness it is not internalized within the process and use of this social network, bringing into play the vulnerability and privacy of your account in this fantastic social platform.

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