How to PUT an avatar sticker on my facebook story

How to PUT an avatar sticker on my facebook story

Have you created an avatar on Facebook and would you like to introduce it to your friends through this social network? Well, for this there is nothing better than adding it to "Your story" in this way all those who enter your profile will be able to see it and therefore make it smile. In today's Green Android tutorial you will learn how place an avatar sticker on your facebook story quickly and easily.

How to put an avatar on your facebook story 2022

The first thing we need to do is enter our Facebook profile through the official application of this social network. Once we are in our account, we must do the following:

  1. We enter our menu at the top right in the 3 horizontal lines.
  2. We look in «Menu» for the section that says «Avatar», once identified we enter inside.

Now we will see a picture of what our character looks like and for insert the avatar in the Facebook history, we need to focus our attention on the top right. We will see 3 icons:

  • Postpone.
  • Adhesives.
  • Change.

put a facebook sticker on my story we will give the one in the middle.

How to put an avatar sticker on my facebook story 2022

On the next screen we will see a list with stickers of our avatar:

  1. We have to select what we want to establish in ours Facebook history.
  2. A menu will appear at the bottom where we must click "Other options".

If we have followed the previous steps, we will see that a lower menu will open with the different social tools that we will have to send to our avatar stickers. Among all we must select the one that says "Your story".

How to add an avatar to my facebook story 2022

Finally we will see a screen where we can configure our avatar sticker before sending it to ours Facebook story. We can configure some parameters such as:

  1. Add text, icons, filters or save the our creation in a gallery.
  2. Infine, per add the our avatar sticker, we will give it «Your story».

And in this simple way you can anchor your Facebook avatar in «Your Story» quickly and easily. If you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer them. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, it would help me a lot to continue developing other articles like this… Thanks!

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