How to report advertising on Facebook quickly and easily

How to report advertising on Facebook quickly and easily

One of the things I hate most about Facebook is its aggressive advertising, i.e. anyone can do marketing campaigns on this social network to promote all kinds of products, you just need to create a new ad campaign with Facebook Ads and add a daily spending limit that can range from 1 euro to several hundreds or thousands. So far so good, the only problem is that some campaigns are too aggressive and can disturb your user experience and honestly this is one of the reasons why I don't use this social network, it's too intrusive and they place too many ads. That's why today in The Power Of The Green Android I will teach you a tutorial with which you canReport advertising on Facebook, this way if you see an ad that repeats ad nauseum, you can communicate it to Mark Zuckerberg's social network so that the notified ad disappears from your wall.

In which cases is it advisable to report advertising on Facebook 2022?

Report ads on Facebook it is a task that every user should know and obviously do, as it is our duty to contribute in this way to making this platform a place for responsible advertising. So don't hesitate to do it if you find advertising marketing campaigns with these characteristics:

  • Ask for likes in exchange for a photo or meme.
  • Misleading advertising.
  • Sale of Dropshipping products whose prices are inflated and the product description is misleading.
  • Annoying ads.
  • Advertising campaigns that do not interest you in the slightest.
  • Inappropriate Ads.
  • Advertise from fake profiles.

How to hide ads from facebook ads step by step 2022

The first thing we have to do to know if an ad really bothers us or is inappropriate, if so, we will see that right at the top right there are 3 horizontal dots, we select it.

How to remove ads from facebook 2022

Now at the bottom of the screen we will see that we have 2 options:

  1. Hide ads.
  2. Report ads.

Of the 2 options we will give you the first, however if the ad is not appropriate, your thing is to report it.

The next thing that will be shown to us is that if we don't want to see this ad again, we will give "Confirmation".

Finally, we need to tell Facebook why we want to hide said ad:

  1. In my case I said that for me it is irrelevant.
  2. Finally we will give "Done".

And in this simple way we can remove facebook ads in 2022 that annoy us. If you have any questions, you can always leave me a comment and don't forget to share as it helps me a lot to keep developing more content like this… Thanks!

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