Price Comparators Outperform Bargain Sites: The New Saving Trick on Amazon

If until now you thought that the sites where the bargains are published are the best way to save on the Internet, you may be wrong.

And I don't want to say that the above is not true: the pages where we can find offers however, they are a great way to take advantage of discounts and bargains on any type of product.

Of course, sometimes it is possible to take advantage of deals that no one has posted: yes, I intend to obtain those discounts that no one has yet discovered.

There is no magic: the trick is to analyze millions of products

Price Comparators Outperform Bargain Sites: The New Saving Trick on Amazon

The "cook it, eat it" of online purchases are not bargain sites, where we often have to take advantage of very fleeting offers that thousands of other people will receive along with you.

The reality is that, to save money by finding the best price for that product we are interested in, the best option is to use a price comparator, which is no more (or less) than an algorithm that analyzes millions of products from hundreds of stores to find out where we can find a cheaper product.

The savings we can achieve are enormous, whatever we are looking for: a smartphone, an electric scooter, health products, clothing ... The reason is that these comparators analyze all products in the databases of e-commerce giants

If you want a 'here and now' deal, use a price comparison

Amazon, Ebay, El Corte Inglés, Nike, Adidas… Among all the ecommerce that reigns on the Internet we can find all kinds of bargains.

Yes, it is true that every day on the covers of sites like Chollometro dozens of bargains appear, with irresistible offers and discounts for hundreds of products.

But they are not always the product we are looking for. 

The downside to these websites is that, for better or for worse, they depend on other people reviewing and posting deals. and we can't always find a product that interests us.

Il price comparator, instead, it analyzed millions of products from the databases of major electronics stores, and has calculated what was the best price in absolute.

No, you shouldn't use "any" comparators

Of course, making sure you get the best price is important use a comparator that you analyze the products of many shops.

It is the case of glorified e Offers, two applications with different functionalities but which include hundreds of shops, including the most visited in Spain: El Corte Inglés, Decathlon, Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress, Nike, Adidas… 

Let's see how they can help us save on our purchases:

Globerada: save by buying without using calculators

Shipping costs, coupons, delivery times, customs ... The easiest way to buy without having a calculator at hand, or to read all the terms and conditions of each shop, is to use glorified.

This tool collects prices daily of the most famous stores in Spain and thanks to this allows us to compare millions of products and thousands of categories: from moisturizers to laptops, passing through sex toys, running shoes or office chairs.

Globerada's catalog is so vast because it brings together all the products of the e-commerce giants. AND when we will look for the products, we will quickly see which store has the best price, including shipping costs and any discount coupons.

Price Comparators Outperform Bargain Sites: The New Saving Trick on Amazon

Offer yourself: there is life beyond Amazon Spain

The proposal Offers it's a little different. This application has a basic premise: allow us to buy a product at the best price, even if for this we have to buy outside of Spain.

For this, this offer comparator uses all international versions of Amazon and other stores: Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom ...

The Ofertete algorithm will show us the best price for each product, taking into account all the shipping costs we have to add when buying from another country. And be careful, because it is more and more common to find offers exclusive to Amazon stores which are located outside of Spain.

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