Teletype, Telex or TTY: what is it and what is it for? How does it work, advantages and disadvantages?

These devices are large and heavy machines, which have a keyboard and a printer, which had the task of translating the electrical signals that were sent to them into printed characters. It was created thanks to the advancements of telegraphic techniques, and it was in the year 1910 when the first commercial teleprinter was installed, made by the Morkrum company.

The teleprinters they needed an electric current of 60 to 100 volts, so that the functioning of the same was of good quality. Because thanks to the electrical signals that are translated into positive and negative combinations, it was possible to obtain the characters that had to be printed.

What is Teletype and what are they used for? How it works Advantages and disadvantages

It is interesting to note that the creator of these codes was the French Émile Baudot, who developed it in 1874. To communicate with each other, with other people. The first artifact only had 5 keys, which provided a 5-bit code and these signals manifested themselves in the form of dots.

Over time, the teleprinter has evolved. In 1901 the code was changed by Donald Murray and in this way the teletype keyboard remained like that of a typewriter, thus incorporating signs to the keyboard. This reached 400 signs per second.

It should be noted that teleprinters were used for the Postal Service and Message could be transmitted there. This advance spread globally after World War II, as it allowed them to send more than 60 words per minute in each message.

Teletype, Telex or TTY: what is it and what is it for? How does it work, advantages and disadvantages?

This receiving device has worked in two ways, the first is that the keypad could act as a transmitter, which was in charge of decoding the dot signals and then the message was printed.

The second way it worked was that it could act as a receiver, since the electrical impulses received were printed by perforations in a sheet of paper.

Interestingly, these artifacts featured different disadvantages, among which we must communicate. They were affected by a distortion in the telegraph lines called "biaise" which altered the duration of the transmitted impulses, although thanks to the AFSK modulation it was possible to minimize this problem.

XNUMXth century technology

Teletype, Telex or TTY: what is it and what is it for? How does it work, advantages and disadvantages?

This technological advance was intended to transmit data in the 20th century, which was in charge of sending messages and receiving them in a typewritten manner by means of points, was a simple means of communication.

By 1954, more than 200.000 teleprinters had been sold and these electrical devices are still used today by people with hearing impairments for the purpose of writing down their telephone communications.

This device is a lot similar to a typewriter in how much has a keyboard. With the evolution of time, signs were introduced, in this way it became an alphanumeric keyboard. All this with the aim of writing messages and sending them, thus becoming the maximum communication boom of the twentieth century.

Technological progress

This technological advancement was very important in its day, as it had speed, confidentiality, low cost, acted as data transmission system, he had precision, which is why his momentum extends for another 70 years. Thus turning the typing and cable system into the best communication device, it was a wonderful device.

The last cable message that the company issued dates back to 1996. It is important to note that thanks to these technological impulses, it has evolved over the years to the present day, and thanks to this progress in the twentieth century it has been possible to go to perfection until it becomes an ideal tool for people with hearing impairments.

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